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See What A Full Service Specialized 4X4 Mechanic Shop Has To Offer

The hard work ethic alive at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive has turned it into a renowned off-road shop that prides themselves in custom 4X4 modification with specialized 4X4 mechanic service and repair faculty.  Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is a premium builder & mechanic of off-road vehicles. We dramatically increase the capability and usability of a Jeep, Truck, SUV, UTV, as well as Buggies.

If you are interested in starting your dream build, upgrading your ride, or scheduling maintenance of your 4x4, please feel free to phone us at 435.673.2546 or send an email to

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Mission Statement 

Our mission is to cultivate an environment of innovation and immaculate craftsmanship while building life-long customer relationships.  

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive Vision Statement 

Our location has fueled our obsession for exploring and creating new avenues for our business. On the road to becoming a beacon in our industry we are launching ourselves into the market of world class vehicles.

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Customers Have Good Things To Say About The Shop

Scott Young, Happy Customer Review

"This is the only place to trust when you want the best on 4-Wheel drive! These guys are honest, extremely knowledgable, friendly, do the best quality work and wiling to go the extra mile with great customer service and relationships. Use these guys, and you won't regret it!"

Jordan Cook, Happy Customer Review

"Over Memorial Day weekend in Moab Utah we had Jeep troubles, my rear lockers would not disengage. I sounded like Dukes of Hazard around town. The craziest thing everyone is closed and I don't understand that at all! But thank goodness I was referred to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and they were open! Milt and Charolette are the best! You can't go wrong with Dixie Four Wheel Drive."