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Coming April 2016

Off-Road WHOOPS'

Head over to the blog and take a look at off-road mishaps and 4 wheel drive mistakes.

Water can ruin your day, or your bearings in this case

When you go play in deep water plan on taking the time to do maintenance on your vehicle. Other wise water can ruin your day. Or your bearings in this case.
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*** Video ***UTV rollover while crawling in Sand-hollow 

Any day in Sandhollow State Park is a good day.  However, sometimes things take a turn toward the WHOOPS side of fun.  Luckily the driver was just fine and with a great team of UTV drivers around they soon got her back on her wheels and up the...

Coming April

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is excited to announce our new Off-Road Superstore.  This full service 4 wheel drive shop will service UTV, Jeep, Truck, SUV as well as RC Crawlers.  We look forward to showing you our new shop as soon as we open the doors.  In the meantime, please continue to visit us for all of your 4×4 needs.

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