Working With Specialized Mechanics That Know Truck Accessories

Truck owners know that their vehicles are designed to be workhorses. You can work them hard, take them for a spin on the toughest trails and they’ll still perform superbly. You can tow a trailer one day, churn through a muddy trail the next and still drive on pavement with your truck. That’s how versatile trucks are.

Even better, you can customize your truck to the max. There are all kinds of aftermarket accessories available to suit not only your truck make and model, but also your needs.

Why Get Accessories for My Truck Build?

You might like your truck just fine with the stock parts it came with. However, if you really want to maximize it’s potential, there are a variety of accessories available. These help you to:

  • Get additional protection for your truck

  • Trick out your machine to get a bespoke custom build truck

  • Improve off-road capability and prowess

  • Maximize your engine’s full potential

  • Improve your vehicles safety and security

For instance, a truck bed cover or tonneau is perfect for protecting your gear and it also helps improve your vehicle’s fuel mileage. Other accessories like upgraded air intake filters, modified exhaust systems, beefed up wheels and tires greatly increase your truck’s capability and usability both on and off-road. Not forgetting accessories such as LED lighting, grille guards, fender flares, custom floor liners, truck bed liners and so many others.

Most of these allow you to combine functionality with aesthetics and with the right truck accessories at your disposal, you can transform your set of wheels into a multi-purpose vehicle.

Get Personalized Service & Commitment to Quality Truck Modifications

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive carries a wide assortment of bed liners, nerf bars, truck tool boxes, grille guards and other truck accessories. If the ones you want aren’t in stock, we’ll special order and install them for you.

Out team of expert mechanics have years of experience behind them and they will help you select truck accessories that suit your work or recreational needs. They have the requisite expertise to handle the installation of accessories ranging from truck leveling and lift kits to fender flares and LED lights. We have a well-equipped, state of the art off-road facility so cutting and welding parts for your truck is not a problem.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for accessories to trick out your ride or you just want something to increase your truck’s functionality.

Being a family-operated business since 1948, we have managed to build up a solid reputation for excellence and top-notch work. We place great value of attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. We also insist on customer satisfaction so we do everything we can to ensure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Your truck is an incredible, tough and versatile machine. Bring it to one of our stores in Utah (at Moab or St. George) and let our mechanics recommend and install the right accessories to complement your driving lifestyle.

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