Winter 4×4 Accessories: Stuff To Make Off Roading In The Winter A Day On The Beach

Winter months can be harsh but with the right 4×4 by your side, you can make it through the worst weather. That’s why we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love them so much. Your four-wheeler can multitask as your daily driver and your weekend runner. It can easily haul loads, take on the toughest terrain, and still give you a smooth commute to work. Even inclement weather won’t faze a properly modified and equipped 4X4.

So if you’re wondering how to make off-roading more comfortable and fun this winter, here are some of the accessories you’ll need:

A Heated Windshield Washer Kit

Don’t you just hate it when your windshield attracts snow, sleet or ice? Then you have to spend minutes scraping and scratching off a peephole while freezing your fingers off. To avoid all that, get yourself a heated windshield kit that heats the washer fluid to 125-135 degrees, making removal of ice, frost, or sleet from the windshield quicker and effortless. This kit is installed between the windshield spray nozzles and washer reservoir while the heater connects to the rig’s battery.

The Mohave Heater

Winter can have you shivering inside your rig so you need something to help heat things up. The Mojave Heater can sort that out for you. This mini heater works just like an OEM heater to leave your ride’s interior heated and comfortable. Despite its small size, it produces 12,000 Btu of heat and it’s also easy to install, simple to operate, and comes with several mounting options. This makes it a nice alternative to bulky factory heaters and a great option for 4X4s that don’t have heaters.

Preheating With A/C Power

When the temperature drops, your vehicle’s battery can take forever to heat up. That can be a thing of the past with the ZeroStart Heating Products from Philips & Temro Industries. These help to warm up your ride by preheating the battery, engine, etc. before you start your trip, cutting down on your waiting time.

Meatier Tires for Increased Traction

Snow and ice on the roads or trails means that your rig will need better traction to avoid slipping and sliding. With the Pit Bull A/T Hardcore Tires, you won’t have to worry about that. These tires grip the road, providing enhanced traction without reducing their functionality. Even better, they’re made right here in the US so purchasing them means you’ll be supporting a national company.

Heated Seats and Cushions

The bitter cold and low temperatures of winter don’t go well with cold 4×4 seats. To help keep you cozy, you should install heated seats and cushions, if your rig doesn’t already have them. At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we can install these as part of building your custom Jeep build and have you enjoying soothing, relaxing heat during the coldest winter days.

Floor Liners to Control Slush

Along with heated seats and cushions, you should also get yourself some floor liners to keep you and others from tracking slush on your vehicle’s carpet. These floor liners are made from high-density, durable thermoplastic material and are designed using laser measurements to ensure that they fit most rigs. That way they offer soft cushioning for your feet while preventing you from grinding mud and other muck into your ride’s interior carpet.

Night Vision to Light the Trail

Winter brings snow, rain, and fog, all of which contribute to poor visibility. This can be dangerous especially if you’re on an off-roading trip. One of the custom 4X4 modifications you can make to your rig is installing yellow lights for better nighttime vision. Yellow lights are far less reflective than white LEDs so they help eliminate much of the glare, helping you see better, even in inclement weather. This gives you an advantage and ensures that your adventure doesn’t stop when the sun goes down.

A Dry Bag for Your Critical Stuff

Whenever you go off-roading, you need somewhere to stash your gear and other critical items. That way, they can stay dry and in good working condition for when they’re needed. We have tested lots of dry bags out there but the Adventure Bag by Off-Road Solutions stands out from the rest. This bag provides waterproof storage thanks to a watertight seal and it’s built to stand up to the elements. Additionally, it’s available in several different colors and comes with multiple anchor straps. It also has shoulder straps which make it easier to carry.

Recovery Rope

Whenever you drive on ice and snow during winter, you always run the risk of slipping and landing in a ditch. Having a recovery rope could mean the difference between making it home for dinner or spending a night out in the cold. While there are plenty of recovery ropes out there, Kinetic Recovery Rope from Rugged Ridge is a clear winner. This rope allows the recovery vehicle to build kinetic energy so it can pull more dead weight. it also has adequate stretch which helps prevent the recovery vehicle from also tipping or slipping because of jerks to the rope.

Off-Road GPS to Find Your Way

Once it snows, things look pretty different and it can be all too easy to lose your way. That’s why you need a good GPS to help you navigate and get where you’re going. However, not just any GPS will do. Get yourself the eXplorist TRX7 from Magellan. This GPS is specifically designed for avid off-roaders and can withstand the rigors of being on the trail. Thanks to its weatherproof 7-inch LCD screen and detailed 3D maps and trails of the area around you, you’ll never get lost again.

Don’t let winter interfere with your off-roading adventures. Arm yourself with these accessories and get out there and have a great time. Also, remember to bring your rig over to one of our auto shops for a pre or post-trip checkup. We offer a variety of Trail Prep and Safety Packages to help keep your 4X4 in top condition.

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