Top Off Roading Trails To Jeep Outside Of Moab & St. George

As a leading full-service specialized auto shop, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive do more than just deliver new build. We also like going out on the trails to put out customized off-road beasts to the test. Nothing gets us more excited than going off-road and seeing if we can conquer some of the gnarliest, toughest terrains this side of the country.

Of course being in locations such as Moab and St. George makes it easy to find off-roading trails to try out. In fact, Moab, Utah is known as the jeeping capital of the US for a reason. It has some of the best-rated Jeep and ATV trails in the country including notable ones like Hell’s Revenge and Moab Rim. St. George, home to Sand Hollow State Park also has plenty of trails for off-road enthusiasts to check out.

However, you needn’t confine yourself to Moab and St. George if you’re looking for off-road adventure opportunities. There are plenty of trails outside these two towns and most are found in these regions:

  • Elephant Hill

Found in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, Elephant Hill is one of the most popular 4-wheel drive trails in southern Utah. It combines great jeeping with fantastic scenery, especially the White Rim Trail that loops around the Island in the Sky Mesa for over 100 miles.

  • Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley offers a trail with plenty of hoodoos, buttes and other interesting rock formations. It has a pretty 58-mile loop that passes through some of Capitol Reef National Park’s landmarks like the Glass Mountain and the Temples of the Sun and Moon. Get a vehicle with good ground clearance if you’re planning to go here.

  • Boulder Mountain

Located just south of State Route 24, Boulder Mountain has several roads guaranteed to test out your Jeep’s 4-wheel drive capabilities. There’s an especially scenic and rugged 25-mile trail that veers over the back of Thousand Lake Mountain though Fremont and Loa all the way to Cathedral Valley.

  • Burr Trail

Called Utah’s most scenic drive, the Burr Trail road stretches for 66 miles from Boulder to Highway 276 above Bullfrog Marina and passes through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Capitol Reef National Park and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It alternates between being a paved, gravel and dirt road in sections as it winds through some of Utah’s most stunning scenery.

  • The Paiute ATV Trail

While the hugely popular Paiute ATV Trail is 275 miles long, it has over 1000 miles of side trails promising hours of fun exploration. This trail is best explored in sections over several days since it covers 3 mountain ranges as well as several rugged canyons and deserts.

Remember to bring your Jeep to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive for inspection, repair and general service before or after your off-roading adventure. We’re always happy to help and we can also point out other interesting trails for you to explore.

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