The Top Jeep Wrangler Modifications

So you bought a Jeep – Now what? Whether it’s brand spankin new or gently used, start looking for a solid Jeep garage to get your jeep modification game on. If you’re hoping to take your Jeep off road and across the vast terrain of the wild west, there are a few things you’re going to have to do first.

Gain More Ground Clearance With A Lift Kit

The standard ground clearance for a Jeep straight from the factory is anywhere from 8.3 inches to 10 inches. Skilled rock crawlers know that this ground clearance won’t cut it for technical maneuvers across difficult trails and terrain. When you’re jeep is only 8.3-10 inches off the ground, that limits what your approach and departure angle can handle, not just the basic rocks and grooves your undercarriage will blaze over as you cruise along flat trails. To crawl up steep grades or venture over deep grooves, you’ll need to put a lift on your jeep. Visit the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive suspension shop to see what lift kit will give you the best use out of your Jeep.

Upgrade Your Tires To Something Meatier

Factory tires on a Jeep are the bare minimum required for rock crawling and trail blazing. But it can be pretty nauseating trying to sort out which type of off road tire is the best fit for your vehicle and your terrain. Considering cost, company, tread, and more – there are endless options.

Install A Winch For Self-Rescue

A winch is absolutely a life saver in emergencies. With the winch, you can pull your buddies out of a tough spot or you can get yourself out of a tricky situation. Without a winch, you’ll be relying on someone far aware (and very expensive) to retrieve your Jeep from the desert. Depending on where you are, it might take a few days.

Don’t Leave Without A Mobile Air Compressor

Many new compressor systems offer on the go air for avid crawlers that need to be able to air up and down for the trail. Consider a air compressor for filling tires in need of some air right on the trail.

Have you already made these modifications?

Lift kits, better tires, and a winch are all basic upgrades. Really, they’re the necessities for taking your Jeep off-pavement. But when it comes to convenience (and a ton of fun) the possibilities for Jeep modifications are endless. Bring your Jeep into Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and let us open your eyes to all the goodies made for Jeep owners.

  • Improved bumpers

  • Entry guards

  • Custom floor liners

  • Grab (“Oh-shit!”) handles

  • Hood latches

  • Enhanced lighting for night time off roading

  • Hitch accessories

  • Soft tops

  • Rock sliders

  • Undercarriage protection plates

  • Differential lockers

  • And tons more.

We’ve been building custom Jeeps for decades. If there’s a gadget or modification out there that improves your trail riding experience, we know about it and we can install it. For any questions about Jeep Wrangler mods, give us a call or come in for a visit! We’re located in Saint George, Utah with a second location in Moab, Utah opening soon!

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