The Off-Roader’s Bucket List: 10 Epic Trails Every Off-Road Enthusiast Must Experience

With countless amazing trails for off-roading enthusiasts to explore, there’s guaranteed to be a trail to satisfy your adventurous spirit whether you’re seeking magnificent scenery with mountain vistas or serene forests or you just care about pitting your off-roading machine against the toughest obstacles out there.

Here we’ve compiled a list of 10 epic trails that should be on every off-roader’s bucket list. We’ve taken care to include trails that offer a combination of adventure, challenge, and scenery.

The Rubicon Trail, California

Arguably one of the most iconic and challenging off-road trails in the country, the Rubicon trail offers a mix of river crossings, demanding terrain, rock obstacles, and breathtaking scenery. This 22-mile trail winds through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, rising above 7,000ft in places. It’s also the site of the Jeep Jamboree where participants get to pit their modified jeeps against the unforgiving terrain.

The Black Bear Pass, Colorado

This trail stretches from Telluride, Colorado to Ouray Colorado, and is famous for its narrow roads, tight switchbacks, and steep climbs. The trails range from intermediate to difficult and should only be tackled by experienced off-roaders. While many of the trails are challenging, off-roaders are rewarded with stunning views of the San Juan Mountains and the Ingram and Bridal Veil Falls.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah has long been recognized as the Mecca for off-roaders. With the scenic red rock canyons, characteristic sandstone terrain, and numerous obstacles, it’s no surprise that Moab ranks high on most off-roaders’ bucket lists. There are plenty of diverse trails to explore, catering to every skill level. These range from difficult trails that would test any custom truck or Jeep to trails that are on the scenic and fun side.

Mojave Road, California

This 138-mile road winds through the Mojave Desert and consists of different trails to explore. Most of these can be done in a stock 4×4 and the best time to run the trials is from winter to spring as summers can get brutally hot. The desert is a delicate ecosystem so stay on the designated trails and leave no trace.

Ocala National Forest, Florida

If you’re looking for a change of scenery from the desert and sandy trails, then head to the Ocala National Forest. Spanning over 200 miles of lush wilderness, you’ll have plenty of options for exploration. Your adventure will take you through cypress swamps, dense pine forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

Box Canyon Road, Arizona

This trail spans over 20 miles through the Sonoran Desert. You’ll drive through sandy stretches interspersed with steep inclines and descents with rugged canyons and plenty of desert vegetation to catch your attention. The stunning vistas and desert panoramas coupled with diverse desert wildlife add to the trail’s charm.

The Alpine Loop, Colorado

Located in the San Juan Mountains, this trail is a fascinating combination of high mountain passes, challenging off-roading, historic mining towns, and breathtaking alpine scenery. After taking on demanding mountain passes, you’ll be rewarded with pristine mountain views and plenty of opportunity to explore old abandoned towns. Just ensure that your rig has a high clearance to make it through the trail.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

For an unforgettable experience, head to the Outer Banks for a chance to off-road along the beach. The unique terrain and beautiful coastal scenery are suited to both beginner and experienced off-roaders. The trail offers different routes e.g., Ocracoke Island and Corolla Beach, each presenting either sandy beaches or huge sand dunes to explore.

The Rimrocker Trail, Colorado

Running from Montrose, Colorado to Moab, Utah, this trail promises a thrilling adventure for experienced off-roaders. The trail is mildly challenging with 160 miles of steep inclines, washouts, deep canyons, interesting rock formations, and expansive plateaus. From the trail, you can spot the La Sal Mountains and the Colorado River.

The Dunes, Oregon

If you’re looking for a chance to drive on sand, The Dunes in Oregon won’t disappoint. Some of the dunes are up to 40 miles wide, providing the perfect area to practice driving over steep slopes and sharp crests. Thanks to the sand hills and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, this trail remains a popular off-roading summer destination.

Join The Fun

As huge off-roading enthusiasts, we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love to build custom rigs to help off-roaders make the most of their adventures. We not only provide 4X4 upgrades and modifications as well as service and maintenance but also take part in trail riding throughout the southwest.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about off-roading.

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