A Technical Look At Bumper Upgrades For Trucks & SUVs

Upgrading the OEM stock front bumper on your truck or SUV is a common modification these days, whether you use your ride for highway driving or off-roading. A new bumper can transform your tame truck into an off-roading beast or a customized ride that has heads turning on the road. Bumpers also give your vehicle much-needed protection, preventing you from seriously damaging it in case you hit animals, other vehicles or obstacles when driving both on and off road.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we offer a wide selection of bumpers designed to create the bespoke look that your four-wheeler deserves. OEM bumpers might look nice and sturdy but they’re often made of plastic or aluminum which crumples like tin foil as soon as you smash your SUV or truck into another solid object.

However, our lineup of bumpers are made from high-grade materials such as plate steel and stainless steel, allowing them to give high strength performance without weighing down your vehicle. We stock only the best aftermarket bumpers that combine great construction with durability. They are built to last and can take any punishment you hand out.

You can make your selection from our simple low-profile bumpers or full-cover bumpers depending on the level of protection you’re going for. If off-roading is your thing, you should get a full-coverage bumper to protect your front against brush, undergrowth or other obstacles on the trail. If you restrict your truck or SUV to highway driving and are more interested in style, consider getting a low-profile bumper.

Why Consider a Bumper Upgrade?

  1. For protection.

Anyone who has ever had a fender bender knows just how important it is to protect their vehicle. This is especially true if you are an avid off-roader. During some of our trail ride events, we’ve seen drivers damaging their vehicles when a bumper would have offered adequate protection. So if you want to keep your vehicle’s radiator, headlights and other front parts protected from other cars, accidental animal incidents or obstacles on the trail, get a tough bumper.

  1. For aesthetics.

If your dream custom truck needs to look aggressive and tough then a bumper is the perfect way to give your vehicle character. Alternatively, if style is important to you, you can look through our wide selection of bumper finishes including chrome, stainless steel, silver, and black chrome to see which one suits your custom SUV build.

  1. For customization options.

Part of the appeal of installing an upgraded bumper is the ability to add some accessories. Some bumpers have space that allows for installation of lighting fixtures like light bars while others allow you to mount a winch or D-ring hooks to make your rig a capable tow vehicle while also increasing its off-roading capability.

Choosing the Right Bumper for your Truck/ SUV

Now that we’ve convinced you to get a bumper upgrade for your truck or SUV, what do you look for?

  • The bumper’s coating.

The coating is a bumper’s first line of defense, offering protection from impact and corrosion. You need to know if the bumper will chip after every ride or whether it will stand the test of time. We recommend getting one with a powder coating as they’re more durable and are available in a wide range of color options.

  • The material it’s made of.

As we mentioned before, the bumper’s material is of prime importance. A weak material could end up crumpling on impact proving quite useless. Good options include heavy duty bumpers made of stainless steel plates or pipes. Stainless steel plate bumpers can be cut and shaped to better fit your vehicle, giving it maximum protection.

  • The size and weight.

Off-roaders know that their rig’s weight has an impact on how it handles on the trails. You don’t want a bumper that weighs your vehicle down too much because this changes your approach angles and ground clearance. If you insist on getting a heavy full-cover grille guard, for example, ensure that your vehicle is lifted to give it more clearance.

  • The style.

For a stunning look, go for a bumper that matches the rest of your vehicle i.e. the running board, wheels, etc. You can also choose one that keeps a tight fit around your vehicle’s contours for a look that mimics factory designs. Since such bumpers don’t protrude, they still offer comparable performance without sacrificing your vehicle’s sleek style.

  • Compatibility with accessories.

We advise our customers to pick bumpers that give them a wide range of options as far as accessories are concerned. Look for a bumper with enough mounting points for all the lighting fixtures, winches, shackles and other accessories that you’d like to have on your ride. If you’ll be using a winch on your truck, buy a front bumper with a fitted winch plate which makes it easy to mount the winch. If you want fog lights and other lights for improved visibility when off-roading, then buy a bumper with built-in fog light mounts or built-in light bars.

  • The Price.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure that the bumper you buy is kind on your pocket. High-end models are typically more expensive as are OEM ones. If you shop around a little you’re sure to get an aftermarket bumper that hits the sweet spot, offering great value without breaking the bank.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we stock a varied selection of bumpers to meet most needs from bullnose bumpers and base bumpers to grille guards and pre-runner bumpers. Our team of 4×4 specialists is always on hand to help you choose one that will be perfect for your ride. Contact us today and we’ll help you not only pick out but also install a bumper that your truck or SUV deserves.

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