Taking Care Of Your Sand Damaged Off-Road Vehicle

One of the best things about being in close proximity to the Utah desert is the opportunity to take our rigs out to play in the sand. Dixie 4 Wheel Drive loves to organize group trail ride events and some of these involve dune bashing and sand shredding, especially in Sand Hollow State Park.

However, all that fun on the dunes comes at a cost and exposure to the sun, sand and dust can take its toll on your 4-wheeler. You don’t even have to get bogged in the sand for your vehicle to sustain sand damage.

How does sand affect my 4×4 vehicle?

All those tiny grains of sand might look innocent but they can cause substantial damage. Here are a few ways sand can hurt your off-roader:

  1. The Brakes

Sand can work its way into your brake pads or brake calipers causing a caliper stick. Even worse, it can get into the pulley system resulting in premature wearing of the bearings or belt deterioration. Strange squeaking noises from your braking system might be caused by sand and it needs to be checked out.

  1. The Air Filters

Your vehicle’s air filter is designed to trap particles and prevent any contaminants from getting into the engine. Sand and dust can clog your air filter thus reducing air flow to the engine. This can lead to overheating, poor vehicle performance and even damage to the vehicle. Sand and dust can also clog the cabin air filter and compromise engine oil quality.

  1. The Windshield

Specks of sand can become embedded in existing cracks on your windshield weakening it in the process. With a little help from the wind, sand can also scratch your windshield, hampering your visibility.

  1. The Paint Job

By far the most noticeable damage sand can do to your vehicle is ruining your paint job. Sand scratches away the clear top coat of paint, wearing it out and exposing your vehicle to rust. It can also get embedded in small chips or cracks in the paint, worsening them.

Let Us Fix Your 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we do more than deliver custom builds. Our 4×4 specialists are experts at repairing all kinds of sand damage to your vehicle so you don’t have to give up your dune bashing.

Bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop after a day out in the desert and we’ll give it a complete spa day. We’ll wash it or use air pumps to blast out sand, preventing buildup and keeping it grit-free. We can also give your rig a fresh coat of wax, or a whole new paint job (depending on the sand damage) to have it looking good as new. Additionally, we can change out your air filters, replace your windshield and brake pads as well as check under the hood for any sand damage.

Pay us a visit and we’ll have your 4×4 vehicle back on the road in no time.

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