Dixie Fairlead


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Works with all standard winch openings. For synthetic winch rope only. Not for UTV or small winch use.

*NOTE- Fairleads DO NOT come with mounting hardware.

*The reason for this is depending on your vehicle, bumper, and fairlead mounting thicknesses the shank length of the bolts may need to be longer or shorter to prevent the bolts from contacting the body of your winch. In most cases the mounting bolts that are supplied by your winch manufacturer are adequate in strength and length. In some cases longer bolts are required and 3/8′′ Grade 5-Grade 8 bolts in 1.25-1.5′′ shank length is a good starting point for fitment. 7/16′′ bolts may also be used.

Package Contents:

– Aluminum Fairlead – Dixie Sticker

Additional information

Weight 112 oz
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 4 in