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Selecting Adventure Trailer Drawer Systems For Your Truck

There’s nothing quite like getting out on the trail or going on an extended off-roading trip, spending your days exploring the country, and the nights camping out. Part of the beauty of having a 4x4 truck is that you can haul all the luggage, gear, and supplies you need for your trip with you.

However, no matter how spacious your truck is at the back, you still need to have a comprehensive and practical storage solution. Otherwise, your cargo space is always going to be chaotic and you’ll find it hard to find stuff whenever you need it. Poor storage might make you unpack the entire vehicle searching for one item or trying to reach for something that’s squeezed into a corner of the truck bed.

The solution to this is installing a drawer system for your truck. This way, you can easily pack and organize your camping and recovery gear, cooking equipment as well as any other tools and supplies you’ll need for the trip.

When it comes to selecting drawer systems, sometimes off-the-shelf products just don’t cut it. If that’s the case, then a custom, vehicle-specific drawer system might be just the thing you need.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we’re experts at crafting custom truck builds. Over the years, we’ve learned to ask our clients whether they want custom drawer systems installed as part of the package. This way, they can get to enjoy their off-roading trips right away instead of bringing back their vehicles for more modification later on. When installing these systems, we have to balance the owner’s needs with practicality and personal taste.

There are several companies out there making different drawer systems for trucks and other 4x4s. We have tested a number of these and we have to say that the drawer systems from Adventure Trailers are a cut above the rest. They’ve mastered the art of making custom drawer systems that maximize cargo space while considering your needs.

What to Consider when Selecting a Drawer System for your Truck

So you’ve decided that you’re tired of dealing with the mess in your truck and you want a drawer system. What are some of the things to consider when getting one?

  • Convenient access to your stuff.

You need a storage system that gives you easy access to any gear or item that you need. The drawers need to be designed in a way that maximizes the storage space in your truck and they should make it convenient for you to keep and retrieve your gear. A sliding drawer system for instance saves you time and effort and also prevents you from hurting your back when reaching for something you need from your truck bed.

  • Security.

Truck drawers also bring an element of safety. Depending on their size, they can enable you to store heavy items and lock them up securely so they don’t present a risk to passengers in the event of an accident. Some drawers come with parts that make it easy to tie down or secure your luggage to prevent it from moving around when driving over rough terrain. Others come with lockable latches allowing you to store valuables in your truck’s cargo area.

  • The quality.

As you shop for a drawer system, make sure you pay attention to the quality of the components and materials used. Check the weight rating of the runners to ensure they’ll handle whatever you throw in them. Also, give the handles and latches a thorough check to confirm that they fasten securely, open easily and smoothly, and won’t snap off.

It’s also a good idea to check how the drawer’s exterior is finished. For instance, Adventure Trailers truck drawers are coated with a tough bed-liner style material that adds durability to the truck’s carpeted interior. The inside of the drawers should be similarly lined to handle spills and provide enough friction to keep items from rolling around. The drawers should also be smoothly finished on the outside, with no sharp edges that can snag on clothing or other items.

  • The storage drawer configuration.

The configuration you choose depends on how you intend to use the drawers. A horizontal layout is ideal for those who want extra storage space but also want some extra room in the truck bed. If you’re going to incorporate a fridge slider or any other feature that requires a bit of height, then go for a vertical layout. You can also choose whether to have single or double drawers.

  • The weight of the system.

Another advantage truck drawer systems have is evenly distributing the weight of the cargo. This lowers the vehicle’s center of gravity compared to storing all your gear on the truck’s roof and keeps the vehicle stable, especially on rough ground. However, you should consider the weight of the drawer system, particularly if you don’t want a heavy truck. Some of the materials used to make the drawers are heavier than others e.g. galvanized steel is much heavier than marine ply or composite. The material needs to be light enough not to add extra weight but still strong enough to be durable.

  • Do you want custom or off-the-shelf?

As mentioned earlier, you have the option of buying a ready-made drawer system or getting a custom-made one for your truck. The off-the-shelf drawers can be transferred from one truck to another as long as the vehicles’ dimensions are the same. However, custom drawer systems, though pricier, are a better option as they are made to suit specific vehicle models and makes. They can be made according to your truck’s specifications and will efficiently utilize all the available cargo space in your truck.

If you’d like to have a drawer system for your truck, pay us a visit at the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in Moab or contact our specialized four wheel drive shop in St. George, Utah. We’ll go over the available designs with you to see what works for your truck.

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