Protecting Your Jeep: A Must-Read Guide

As a Jeep owner, you’ve no doubt spent a lot of time and money making your rig just the way you want it. Unfortunately, there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there who’ll be glad to relieve you not only of whatever valuables you have in your vehicle but also whatever mods and accessories they can get away with.

The best way to thwart these people is to find ways to protect your Jeep. Here are some ways to increase your custom Jeep’s security:


A hardtop provides more security than a soft top thanks to the glass windows and fiberglass construction. The solid shell is more of a deterrent than a soft top that can be cut and torn into. The downside is that it’ll be harder to enjoy open-cabin driving on those southern Utah trail rides but there are ways around that.

Locking hood latches

If you have a factory Jeep, you may have noticed that the side latches are the only things keeping the contents under the hood safe from thieves. Replacing those with locking hood latches will go a long way toward keeping the battery and whatever else is under the hood away from anyone who wants to swipe them.

Hood lock

For added security, you can also install a hood lock. These are easy to install by mounting one inside the Jeep’s grill without any drilling. They also have the added advantage of holding down the hood more securely, preventing it from fluttering and rattling.

Locking fuel door

With gas prices being what they are, it’s become crucial to secure your gas tank from anyone looking to score some free gas. Unfortunately, factory Jeeps come with exposed gas caps, giving access to anyone who wants to help themselves. You can secure your Jeep’s fuel area by getting a locking fuel door that fits over the existing gas shroud. There are several models to choose from with some requiring minimal drilling into the shroud to mount while others come with self-looping screws.

Wheel locks

Make it harder for thieves to make away with your tires by securing all four of them with wheel locks. You only need to slip one of these per wheel and since they need a special adapter, they can’t be removed using a normal lug wrench. Remember to carry the adapter with you as you explore Moab’s popular trails just in case you get a puncture.

Spare tire lock

Speaking of tires, how secure is your spare one? You can use a spare tire lock to secure it to the mount. These are simple enough to install as they replace one of the spare tire’s wheel lugs. When purchasing the tire lock, ensure you get one that’s compatible with both the wheel and the Jeep and that you carry the key with you.

Your Jeep is your property and you should take all reasonable steps to protect it. Don’t hesitate to contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive if you’d like to add any security features to your rig.

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