Preparing For Your Yearly Off Road Trip To Moab

With a huge variety of backcountry trails to explore, it’s easy to see why Moab is the center of Utah off-roading experiences.

It’s no surprise then that hundreds of visitors flock to Moab every year, some hoping to make a name on the trails and others simply curious to see what the fuss is all about. Admittedly, some only make the trip once but the vast majority keep returning year after year, looking for the thrill of adventure and Moab never disappoints.

Moab Trail Preparation Tips

As the premier off-road 4×4 shop in Moab, Dixie 4 Wheel Drive is proud to be part of such a vibrant off-roading community. We have seen lots of off-roaders come back over the years and we understand the pull that this part of the country has.

We know how exciting it is to plan for your annual off-road trip to Moab and we want you to have a fantastic time.

Here are some of our top tips on preparing to hit the trails:

  1. Get your 4X4 Moab trail ready.

Before embarking on your off-roading adventure, take your rig to a fully-equipped 4×4 auto-repair shop for a good once-over. Make sure you get your tires rotated and balanced, your oil changed and your fluids topped up. It’s also a good idea to check your suspension, air filters and exhaust etc. are all working well to guarantee your off-roader handles well.

  1. Ensure your off-roading emergency kit is well-stocked.

You never know when you’ll run into an emergency on the trail so always carry an emergency kit with you. Ensure that it has the basics you’ll need -e.g. first aid kit, fire extinguisher, spare keys, flares etc.- to handle an emergency should one occur.

  1. Stock up on spares and supplies.

Prior to off-roading, pay a visit to your local 4×4 auto-shop to stock up on spares and any other supplies you might need out on the trail. In addition to spares for your 4×4 machine, ensure you also stock up on enough food and water to keep you going outdoors. You’ll also need some rain gear as you never know when the weather will change.

  1. Make accommodation arrangements early.

Moab has lots of accommodation options for visitors but these tend to fill up quickly during off-roading events. Make your reservations early to ensure you have a place to rest after battling obstacles on the trails.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the local Moab trails.

The trails in and around Moab are well-mapped and marked. While it’s ok to download a map of the trails, grab a physical map too just in case your GPS fails. That way you’ll still have the means to navigate your way around.

Stop by our full-service specialized 4×4 shop in Moab and we’ll be glad to handle any repairs or maintenance services your vehicle might need. We’ll also point out the local attractions to visit to make your stay an exciting one.

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