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The Premier Auto Repair Shop In Moab Utah

Your 4x4 vehicle is designed to withstand all sorts of abuse out on the trails, especially if you’re looking to conquer the challenging routes found in Moab, Utah. With miles of old mining roads to explore, sheer rock faces to crawl and all kinds of steep ascents and thrilling descents to overcome, you don’t intend to take it easy.

If you’re going to tackle some of the gnarliest trails this side of the world, your 4 wheeler is sure to break down at some point. That’s where Dixie 4 Wheel Drive comes in. Our award-winning auto repair shop is fully equipped to handle all kinds of repairs, servicing and maintenance of any type of 4x4.

Whether you’ve got a stock truck, modified jeep or tricked out SUV, our highly-skilled mechanics will do their best to get you back on the road ASAP!

Quality 4x4 Repairs in Moab, Utah

Being avid rock crawlers, we often go out on the trails ourselves so we have first-hand experience on the needs of off-roaders. Constantly driving in the mud, dust or rocks calls for a lot of high-revving, sudden braking and tight cornering that can do a number on your brake pads, bearings, steering and suspension. It won’t take long before you fry your hardware in such cases.

Dixie 4 Wheel Drive’s off-roading superstore has the necessary expertise, tools and equipment to do repair work on all 4x4 makes and models. We can weld, cut and fit different parts to get your machine running again.

We stock a huge variety of aftermarket parts and accessories so you’re sure to find just what you need to fix your suspension, brakes, differentials, axles, tires or whatever’s broken.

Specialists in 4x4 Servicing and Maintenance In Moab, Utah

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, taking it for regular maintenance and servicing is vital if you want to keep it running properly. This is especially important for any vehicle that is regularly taken off-road. Left unchecked, small issues can become major problems that go on to affect your 4 wheel drive’s handling thereby endangering you, passengers or bystanders.

During our routine maintenance checks, our mechanics will give your vehicle a thorough inspection, checking your brakes, tires, engine and filters and we’ll advise you on any problems we find. We can sort out wheel alignment, tire rotations, oil or filter changes and everything in between.

Having been in the business for more than 5 decades, we have not only done hundreds of custom 4x4 builds for our clients, but also handled every repair job, upgrade or maintenance possible. We are dedicated to offering you affordable 4 wheel drive products and unparalleled service without compromising on quality.

So the next time your 4x4 needs some extra love and attention, bring it down to Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and let the experts restore it to its former glory.

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