Popular Off Roading Trails Of Moab Utah

It’s no secret that Moab, Utah is famous for its incredible trails. Thanks to climatic and geological changes- mostly wind and water erosion, the sandstone near and around Moab has been crafted into incredible trails. These are perfect for off-roading.

If you’re ever in Moab, come find Dixie 4 Wheel Drive and find out about upcoming off-roading education and trail ride events that we have. We also organize trail rides and we’d love it if you could join us on one of these. They’re usually tons of fun and we try to explore different trails every time. Other than the trails in Sand Hollow State Park, there are numerous others near or around Moab.

Here are some of them:

  • 3-D Off Roading Trail.


This trail, located to the northwest of Moab, provides a scenic tour through the colorful Lunar and Hidden Canyons as well as Brink Spring. It winds from the canyon bottom to the rim then finally ends up at a higher scenic outlook. While some hills on the route are challenging, a stock four-wheeler can still make it. Expect to go through two-track dirt roads, a few loose climbs, and rock ledges, wash bottoms and some slickrock.

  • Chicken Corners Off Roading Trail.


Take this trail if you’re looking for a special scenic route since it follows the Colorado River Canyon downstream through lower Kane Springs before climbing and descending the Kane Creek Anticline at Hurrah pass then finally terminating directly across the river from Dead Horse Point. It should be an easy drive through gravel, red dirt and sand however the Kane Creek crossing which is usually dry can be impassable when it rains, so watch out for that.

  • Cliff Hanger Off Roading Trail.


To get to this trail, head out of Moab on Kane Creek Road to where it splits away from the Colorado River Gorge and watch for a small trailhead to the right. Incidentally, Cliff Hanger is the only way to access Amasa Back by vehicle to catch a glimpse of the splendid views. The afternoon view of the La Sal Mountains and Behind The Rocks area will take your breath away but watch out for where the trail hangs on the edge of a 130ft cliff!

  • Crystal Geyser Off Roading Trail.


You’ll come to this trail once you turn off Highway 191 just north of Moab. The trail is located south of Green River Township and East of the Green River. The highlight of this route is visiting Crystal Geyser, one of the man-made boreholes that tap cold water and carbon dioxide in the area. If you’re lucky, you can catch some spectacular geyser action that happens once or twice a day. If you’re taking this trail, ensure your 4X4 has adequate ground clearance to avoid snagging on the few gullies and rocks on the trail.

  • Fins & Things Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 4

This is one of the famous trails in Moab. It’s located just a few miles east of Moab and is accessible via the Sand Flats Road. Fins refer to the slickrock formations while things refer to what remains of them once they’ve been eroded. This trail gives exceptionally scenic views of the deep canyon system. While not an especially challenging trail, there are a few sudden steep climbs on and off the slickrock which make it difficult for vehicles with long overhangs to get through but tall tires provide an advantage here.

  • Golden Spike Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 7

The Golden Spike Trail shares the beginning section with Poison Spider Mesa and is one of Moab’s premier hardcore trails. This is the trail for you if you like tough obstacles and lots of ledges that force you to keep your guard up at all times. The trail passes through great scenery and the beautiful vistas will wow you if you can afford to take your eyes off the road that is. Some notable obstacles on this trail include the Golden Stairs, Golden Crack and the infamous Double Whammy.

  • Hell’s Revenge Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 6

Little more than a mile from Moab along Sand Flats Road is another one of Utah’s famous trails- Hell’s Revenge. As one of Moab’s premier slickrock trails, it’s famous with mountain bikers, motorcycles and four-wheelers alike. Hell’s Revenge straddles the slickrock between Sand Flats Road and the Colorado River providing lots of opportunity for mayhem. While the most difficult obstacles have bypasses, you still have to contend with steep climbs, sharp turns and hair-raising descents along steep ridges.

  • Moab Rim Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 7

Moab Rim is the cliff rim seen just southwest of town. The Moab Rim Trail is notable for being the trail with the highest density of obstacles in the first mile. Not for the faint-hearted, this route is only 4WD accessible and features successive rock ledges and tight turns that have claimed a fair number of victims. You’ll also have to deal with off-camber sections that dangerously tip you toward the cliff edge, all while surrounded by magnificent views of Moab and the La Sal Mountains.

  • Poison Spider Mesa Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 6

This has become one of Moab’s most popular trails thanks to spectacular scenery and the challenging Jeeping it provides. The route climbs to the scenic rim of the mesa along sloping rock layers giving magnificent views of the fins of Behind The Rocks, making the whole climb worth it. Most people also opt to take their lunch at Little Arch where they can look through and see the Colorado River far below.

  • Pritchett Canyon Off Roading Trail.

Rating: 9

Probably one of Moab’s -and perhaps Utah’s – toughest trails, the Pritchett Canyon trail becomes more challenging every year. Still, there’s never a shortage of people willing to give it a try. It features giant ledges, sandy river bottoms and harrowing obstacles that are terrifying for all but the most hardcore off-roaders. To conquer this trail, bring along your best equipment and off-roading skills.

These aren’t the only trails near Moab. There are plenty of others and you’re sure to find one that suits your skill, adventure and adrenalin level.

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