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Other Off Roading Trails - What Brings People To The Trails Of Southern Utah

Those looking for adventures off the beaten path know to come to Southern Utah. With its iconic scenery and impressive views of the beautiful sandstone cliffs, there’s nowhere better to put your off-roading machine to the test.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we understand this well. That is why we take every chance to organize various off-roading education and trail riding events to ensure both our friends and customers can also enjoy themselves and truly become part of the off-roading community in Southern Utah.

We are always fielding questions from customers, avid off-roaders, tourists and other people who want to know if we can recommend off-roading trails other than the popular ones. While trails such as Hell’s Revenge, Moab Rim and The Maze do attract lots of off-roaders, some would prefer to chart their own paths away from the crowds.

So if you are planning a trip to Southern Utah to enjoy our off-roading trails but don’t want to mix with the crowds, here are some areas and trails worth checking out:

  • The Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.

Most off-roaders are familiar with Sand Hollow but few venture to the Colorado Plateau to see what the Coral Pink Sand Dunes have to offer. This major sand dune field stretches on for more than 3000 acres with more than 2000 acres open to OHVs. With trails such as the South Boundary Trail and the Sand Highway, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to play in the orange-red sand dunes.

  • Cathedral Valley.

The Cathedral Valley Loop is one of the most scenic trails you can enjoy in Southern Utah. It takes you right to the heart of the Cathedral District and passes landmarks such as the Temples of the Sun and Moon and also Jericho Wall. The Burr Trail is another lovely one to check out as it extends for 66 miles from Boulder through Long Canyon, passing some amazing scenery on the way.

  • San Rafael Swell.

More remote and less well known than Moab, Utah’s San Rafael Swell presents lots of new off-roading opportunities from simple gravel roads to more rugged backcountry routes. You can try tackling the Devil’s Race Track, Fix-It-Pass or Eagle Canyon. Other trails include Jackass Benches, Hidden Splendor, Swasey’s Loop and Black Dragon Wash.

  • The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.

With about 50 miles of challenging backcountry routes, Needles District has something for everyone. This area is home to lots of old mining roads winding through the area, giving you plenty of trails to explore. Some of the notable ones include Elephant Hill with its tight turns, steep grades and stair-like ledges and drops and White Rim Trail.

Sign up for our Southern Utah trail rides and discover some of the hidden off-roading gems in this part of the country.


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