Off Road Trail Spotlight: Wayne's World

A lot of people who travel to the southwest to enjoy our off-roading trails are often amazed at the sheer variety on offer. Most of the time they assume that these trails remain the same for years on end. The truth is that trails are subject to change thanks to the weather. Floods and wind erosion contribute to wearing down of features and some obstacles making it necessary to keep maintaining trails or come up with new ones. New trails are also developed for the sheer novelty of having new obstacles and terrain to play in.

We’d like to highlight one of the newest trails in Sand Hollow State Park – Wayne’s World.

Trail Overview

Wayne’s World is a new trail that was developed in 2018 in readiness for the 2019 Winter Jamboree. This was done as a collaboration between the UPLA and the Desert Rats and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

The trail starts at the Red Gate and winds in a 6.5-mile loop before terminating at the Green Gate, opening up a part of Sand Mountain that had been largely ignored in the past.

Wayne’s World boasts a 6 rating so in addition to 4WD you’ll also need tall tires (33” and above) as well as traction adding devices like front and rear lockers to successfully make this trail run. It goes without saying that you’ll also require enhanced suspension and adequate ground clearance to make it through.

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love this trail because it’s the perfect way to introduce those who take part in our trail rides to some tougher terrain. It has a range of obstacles with nothing too extreme so it’s a great way for drivers to build confidence to tackle higher-rated trails.

Scenery and Surface

Whether you choose to take the bypasses or pit your ride against the obstacles, you’ll still be wowed by the incredible views along this trail. You’ll catch glimpses of the Pine Valley Mountains, Sand Hollow Reservoir, the Hurricane Cliffs and Zion National Park along the way. The trail surface is mostly slickrock and sand with some rocky ledges and off-camber sections thrown in.

Notable Obstacles on the Trail

With lots of obstacles to try out, Wayne’s World is one of those trails that won’t bore you. In keeping with tradition, these obstacles have quirky names, some pointing to how hard they are.

A few of the notable obstacles include off-camber sections like Staying Alive, Don’t Stop Me Now and Gotta Have Faith. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, try out Wild Thing- a 10-ft dry waterfall that will make you sit up and put your lockers to good use. Towards the end of the trail, is the aptly named End Of The Line which happens to be a sheer descent into the sand dunes.

If you want to get some experience on a hard trail without putting too much at risk, come check out Wayne’s World.


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