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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Triple 7

The beauty of off-roading in Sand Hollow State Park is that you can choose the trail you want to pursue. You can choose between driving on sand, rock crawling or a mixture of both and you’re sure to find a trail that meets your preferences.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love finding out new trails for people to explore. Sure your rig might take a beating on some of the tougher terrains but you can always bring it to one of our auto shops and let one of our 4x4 specialists have a look at it.

To continue our series on highlighting the amazing trail in this part of the county, we’d like to focus on the Triple 7 trail.

Trail Overview

While the Triple 7 isn’t new, it has been upgraded and extended and now features a host of challenging obstacles. Boasting a 7 rating, this trail is for the thrill-seekers looking for nonstop action. There are lots of obstacles including some off-camber challenges to test your suspension, V-notches to squeeze through and some waterfalls towards the end of the trail.

Don’t expect to relax on this trail as there isn’t much easy terrain between obstacles so you have to constantly be on your toes.

If you have a custom-built truck with some basic modifications, you might make it through with little body damage or mechanical breakdowns depending on your driving skill.

Surface and Scenery

Like most other trails at Sand Hollow, you’ll be doing plenty of sand driving over sand dunes and sandy roads before moving on to some slickrock ledges and cracks which will provide better traction for your four-wheeler.

The scenery is pretty limited along the trail so you won’t find anything to tempt you to look away from the obstacles ahead of you. That is until you get to the trail summit where you’ll be wowed by incredible views of Zion National Park as well as the Sand Hollow Reservoir.

Trail Obstacles

The Triple 7 serves up one obstacle after another leaving little room for you to get comfortable. However, there are bypasses for several of the obstacles so you can take short breaks from the action.

The notable obstacles you can expect to encounter include Cam Country which is a series of rolling rocks and slickrock ledges which are going to test your crawling abilities. From there you’ll encounter The Dipper a yawning crack that sits on the edge of a cliff, threatening to sallow whole vehicles.

Towards the end of the trail, you’ll have to navigate narrow slickrock fin with cliffs on both sides to reach the Stairway then carefully cross over the Double Sammy Trail to get to the waterfalls. There are no bypasses here so be sure you can make your way across before attempting the remaining obstacles.

Triple 7 promises lots of challenging fun for any drivers who are not afraid of putting their skills to the test.

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