Off Road Trail Spotlight: Milt’s Mile

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive we don’t only spend time making awesome custom builds in our state of the art facility. We also take time to head out and test metal against rock and we encourage anyone who wants an off-roading adventure to join us in enjoying the amazing trails that Southern Utah has to offer. To help people get familiar with off-roading, we organize trail rides both for locals and visitors to get a feel for the trails.

Of course, living right next door to the sprawling 20,000-acre Sand Hollow State Park makes it easy for us to go on as many adventures as we’d like. This off-roading paradise is home to some of the best trails in the country and we’d like to highlight a trail that we are particularly proud of: Milt’s Mile.

Overview of Milt’s Mile Trail Ride

Milt’s Mile is a gem of a trail in Sand Hollow near St. George. It’s named after our very own Milt Thompson who first ran it with his CJ3 years ago. Over time, the trail and scenery have evolved and some changes have been added to the route to make it even more challenging.

Milt’s Mile should definitely be on your bucket list if you’re traveling to the southwest to sample the trails. Some of the intense obstacle and challenges include sharp turn off cambers, straight up steps and tough V notches.

The trail has a 7 rating so it will push your off-roading skills to the limit even if you have a modified rig. If you’re planning to take it on, make sure you have a decent lift, at least 33’ tires and lockers. It’s also a good idea to have a CB radio and air-down and air-up equipment with you.

Trail Off Roading Obstacles and Scenery

We know you didn’t go to Milt’s Mile for the scenery but if you take a few seconds to look up from the trail, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see. Sand Hollow Reservoir is to the north with Zion Park stretching out in the background while there are several slickrock canyons, hoodoos and other interesting rock formations to the south. If you look eastwards, you’ll glimpse the Lower Hurricane Sand Dunes and Pine Valley Mountains to the west.

Milt’s Mile offers almost continuous obstacles from start to finish throughout the 6.5 miles. In addition to difficult climbs out of bowls and tough notch and ledge combos, expect to encounter a trail-drop into the canyon right above the Nasty Half Trail.  Additionally, you’ll come across a hair-raising V notch obstacle with a hole that exists to suck in tires and create tip-overs. Careful tire placement and spotting will get you over this.

Other obstacles that will challenge you and your rig include The Crack which drops you right into a narrow crack and right back out again, probably denting your rear bumper in the process, as well as The Hard Left and The Hard Right. The latter will have you crawling up a wall with the sidewall of your tires! Sounds crazy, right?

If you fancy yourself an experienced off-roader, you should definitely give Milt’s Mile a try!

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