Off Road Trail Spotlight: The Maze At Sand Hollow

There are days you want to take a leisurely scenic drive with your family and there are times you want to go out on the roughest trail to pit your rig against the toughest obstacles you can find. The good thing about signing up for South Utah trail rides is that you can find trails that suit both of those tastes.

But we’re not here to talk about a scenic trail, we’re here to rave about The Maze at Sand Hollow. Over the years, this has become the “must-do” trail for daredevil off-roaders who don’t mind brushing with danger. In fact, we often organize trail ride events to Sand Hollow state park and we never fail to get one or two drivers willing to try out The Maze.

Location and Access To The Maze Off Road Trail

The Maze is a hard-core technical trail located in the expansive Sand Hollow State Park. With over 15,000 acres of sand dunes, beautiful red rock, and miles of trails to suit all types of OHVs and 4WDs, this park is a haven for avid off-roaders.

To get to The Maze trail, you can either approach from the Sand Hollow Reservoir then go through the sand dunes or alternatively, access it through the West Rim scenic route from the Washington Dam staging area.

Even though the trail runs for only 14 miles, you should expect your trip to last an entire day as you’ll find the obstacles along the way are no joke.

Obstacles and Scenery Of The Maze Off Road Trail

Once you hit the trail, you’ll understand why it earned a trail rating of 8. It has a series of continuous obstacles guaranteed to keep you busy starting with “The Drop” right at the start of the trail to “The Soup Bowl” at the end. In between expect to tackle gravity-defying ascents and steep descents and also encounter massive cliffs that will have you driving over 1200-ft cliff drops. Clearly, this trail isn’t for the faint-hearted.

In order to conquer the obstacles with as little mishaps as possible, ensure your ride is fitted with 35”+ tires as well as both front and rear lockers. It’s also a great idea to have a winch handy as you don’t know when you might have to use one.

Like other trails in Sand Hollow, The Maze is mostly slickrock so your four-wheeler will have enough traction. There are also sandy or rocky areas between obstacles, giving you a range of surfaces to drive over.

If you can peel your eyes long enough from the trail and obstacles, you’ll be amazed at the fantastic views you’ll get of Warner Valley straight down below and Arizona Strip in the distance.

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