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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Honeymoon Trail

There’s a lot more to our corner of the country than awesome trails. When you visit the southwest, you’ll get to immerse yourself in culture and even get a glimpse of the past. We have several historic sites including rock art dating back several centuries, dinosaur tracks and even historic buildings.

To help more people experience the incredible culture and history that’s part of us, we like organizing trail rides around several historic and scenic areas. This way, visitors can explore and experience other trails outside of Sand Hollow State Park.

If you’re one of those looking for a quiet scenic ride, as opposed to an adrenalin-pumping, obstacle-ridden trail, then Honeymoon Trail would be perfect for you.

Honeymoon Trail Overview

Honeymoon trail is an easy route, rated 3. It’s ideal for those looking for an easy afternoon or morning ride before they hit the harder trails. This route takes you on a scenic trip right to the top of the Hurricane Cliffs. You’ll climb the same honeymoon trail that original pioneers used to take as they sought to get married at the old St. George Temple. The route was also one of the first wagon trails to appear in the area, providing a way down the cliff.

The entire trail covers 55.3 miles and 14 of those are over pavement so you don’t need extra ground clearance, stock tires will do just fine. However, 4WD is recommended since some sections can get a little rough, especially if there’s bad weather.

Honeymoon Trail Scenery and Surface

When taking the Honeymoon Trail, you’ll start at the base of Hurricane Cliffs and climb to the very top, passing a couple of scenic canyons along the way. At the top are farmlands and as you run along the edge of the cliff, you’ll be delighted by panoramic views of the surrounding area.

The vantage point at the top gives you fantastic views of the entire Zion, Hurricane, and St. George areas as well as breathtaking views of the Sand Hollow Reservoir and sand dunes. You’ll also get to see the beautiful Zion Canyon so don’t forget to pack a camera for those wonderful pictures.

Most of the route follows a two-track wagon road and some areas have been eroded away, making for a slightly rough ride but nothing too difficult for a stock 4WD.

Other Honeymoon Trail Details

Honeymoon Trail follows an old wagon road along the base and upper edges of Hurricane Cliffs, which is a towering sandstone cliff. The climb up the cliff is rather steep and winding, passing through two canyons. You’ll encounter a short off-camber section as you head up as well as a series of small ledges just before reaching the top.

This is an easy trail, mostly requiring 2WD from the top downwards unless rain and inclement weather create muddy conditions.

Honeymoon Trail is perfect for those looking for an easy, relaxed ride with lots of fantastic scenery.


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