Off Road Trail Spotlight: Fawlty Towers

Let’s face it, as an avid off-roader, you sometimes want a trail that challenges you. Sure scenic drives are fine on occasion but they don’t really get your blood pumping.

Sometimes you just want to join other off-roaders in exploring rugged terrain that tests your mettle and metal. You want to look for the toughest, gnarliest trails in the southwest, conquer them and bask in the afterglow of success. Plus the bragging rights don’t hurt either.

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive completely understand where you’re coming from. What’s more, we support and encourage your drive. There’s nothing quite like putting your feet up at the end of a day out on the trail satisfied that you made it.

Thankfully, we have Sand Hollow State Park, an off-roading mecca for all types of off-roaders. This area has different kinds of trails from the mild to the difficult.

We’d like to highlight one of the more demanding trails there –Fawlty Towers.

Trail Overview

Rated 8 Fawlty Towers is one of the newest trails at Sand Hollow State Park. This trail is ideal for off-roaders looking for a tough, demanding trail. To conquer the trail you will need both front and rear differential lockers and your rig needs to have big tires 35” and above (37”-40”) is ideal. Additionally, you have to be a very experienced driver and you’ll also need a trusted spotter to help you get through the obstacles.

Fawlty Towers was created in an effort to decongest some of the more popular 7 and 8 rated trails in Sand Hollow. It’s comprised of some known routes on Sand Mountain i.e. Johnny’s Hot Tub, West Rim Rock Gardens, and Fault Line as well as lots of new obstacles that were extra options along these trails.

The trail starts at the same location as the Fault Line Trail then ventures through sheer climbs and descents, some off-camber obstacles plus a few blind notches and drops to finish at the Rock Garden play area.

Scenery and Surface

Fawlty Towers offers a nice mix of dirt hill climbs and descents, desert roads for sand driving, slickrock notches, waterfalls and ledges, and rugged rock surfaces. The trail overlooks the picturesque Warner Valley though we bet you’ll be too busy negotiating obstacles to take pictures. However, if you do get a break from the action, take time to appreciate the stunning scenery around you. After all, that’s part of the fun.

Trail Obstacles

Fawlty Towers is an action-packed trail with several notable obstacles including the Nutting But Sky crack, Gasoline Alley and the infamous Wall of Doom which should only be tackled by buggies or long -wheelbase vehicles. In addition, you’ll have to navigate the Pitchfork- a descent that takes you past some tricky buggy lines as well as 6 or 7-rated sheer climbs.

This is one of those trails that will have you telling stories about it long after you’re done.

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