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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Fault Line

In our bid to get as many people as possible to sign up for Southern Utah trail rides to get a feel for off-roading in this part of the country, we continue to highlight some of the amazing trails in and around Utah.

Additionally, we organize off-roading classes and trail ride events to expose people to different trails and show them what it takes to run those trails. Our classes are especially important as we teach both beginner and veteran off-roaders the ins and outs of off-roading with emphasis on safety and trail etiquette.

This article will highlight a great trail: the Fault Line.

Trail Overview

The Fault Line is one of those trails that pack quite a punch. It stretches for 10.8 miles and feeds into the West Rim trail, providing plenty of obstacles and challenges along the way. It’s rated 6 thanks to the combination of rocky ledges, sheer inclines and sharp climbs that drivers have to contend with on the trail. The name is derived from the jagged outcropping that off-roaders have to traverse across as they seek to conquer this relatively short trail.

To successfully run the Fault Line, you need to ensure that your vehicle is in top shape. You’ll need a minimum lift with enough clearance to get over the ledges without snagging your undercarriage as well as at least 33” tires. Rear differential lockers will suffice to drive your 4x4 up the steep incline as long as one side of the rig is on the slickrock while the other straddles the dirt. It’s also a good idea to carry along air-down and air-up equipment and a CB radio.

Trail surface, scenery and obstacles

The Fault Line features all kinds of surfaces for maximum action from slickrock and rocky ledges to waterfall climbs and tricky descents. The return route involves descending sand dunes so be prepared to do some sand driving.

This trail, like others in Sand Hollow State Park, offers incredible views of outstanding scenery. Driving to the top of the cliffs will afford you amazing views of the Warner Valley, the Pine Valley Mountains, Zion National Park, the Arizona Strip, and the Sand Hollow Reservoir.

The trail itself is dotted with interesting rock formations that form part of the attraction. These include the “Lunch Room” from where you can gaze down at St. George City and “the Wedge” which will force you to squeeze your way through two large rock fins.

You’ll also have to maneuver your rig up a steep 2ft ledge at the start of the trail (you need to shift to 4WD for this), conquer sharp ascents on the slickrock hillsides and dizzying descents down the cliffsides, crawl over challenging ledges and deal with off-camber sections.

Overall, the Fault Line will put your off-roading skills to the test with significant challenges but nothing too extreme.

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