Off Road Trail Spotlight: Elephants, Virgins and Things

We all love new things and new trails are no different. Southwest Utah is home to some of the best off-roading trails in the country and though we love the old trails, it’s always great to add some new ones.

New trails are often added to give off-roaders new obstacles to explore and challenges to overcome. Sometimes, they are also added to get people to visit new, interesting locations and we in the southwest have lots of those.

One of the newest trails, added for the winter 4×4 Jamboree 2018, is Elephants, Virgins and Things.

Elephants, Virgins and Things Trail Overview

Elephants, Virgins and Things is one of the scenic trails we have in the expansive Sand Hollow State Park. This trail is rated 3 and presents an easy drive that can be tackled in a stock 4WD vehicle. You only need basic ground clearance and stock tires to make it to the end and back again.

The name of the trail is derived from the interesting rock structures it passes through. The most notable one being the Elephant Arch which looks like the head of an elephant, complete with a trunk.

The route will also take you past some mysterious sinkholes claimed to have been left by ancient aliens who landed their spacecraft there. You’ll also pass through Twister Canyon as you look for a route that will take you back to town.

Elephants, Virgins and Things Scenery and Surface

This trail overlooks the Virgin River just south of St. George. It offers magnificent views of the river valley as well as surprising and interesting rock formations such as Elephant Arch. If you’re daring enough, you can get to the top of the arch and have your photo taken as you overlook the Interstate.

There are also beautiful vistas of the colorful hillsides and stunning overlooks of the surrounding area. You should definitely carry a camera with you on this trail because the views just beg to be captured.

The trail surface is mostly dirt road with a few scattered rocks, nothing too strenuous or difficult to drive over. When going downhill, you’ll encounter a steep, rocky section that might be tricky for novices. Here a spotter would come in handy for drivers who are unsure about the route. Other than that, the rest of the trail should be easy enough to get through.

Sign Up For Our Local Off Roading Trail Rides

If you’re looking for a trail that will get you away from the city and into the hills surrounding St. George, then Elephants, Virgins and Things is perfect for you.

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love organizing trail rides to such destinations so that off-roaders can learn some tricks on handling their vehicles on different terrain as well as get to enjoy our lovely part of the country. You too can sign up for these trail rides and come discover the adventure and scenery that Southwest Utah is famous for.

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