Off-Road Trail Spotlight: East Rim Trail

Living in Utah right next door to amazing scenery and outstanding off-roading trails means that we at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive can pick which ones to go on. We regularly organize trail ride events to encourage as many people as possible to go out and get a feel for the different trails we have in this part of the country.

When people sign up for these trail rides, we try to vary the type of trails we expose them to, from the most rugged terrain to scenic drives. Other than helping them improve on their off-roading prowess, such exposure also gives them a chance to decide which trails suit them.

The expansive Sand Hollow State Park provides the best location for these trail ride events as there are different trails for different off-roaders. We’d like to highlight one of the mildly challenging trails: the East Rim Trail.

East Rim Trail Overview

This is a 23.2-mile-long trail located near Hurricane, Utah. The trail runs through a scenic route right from Warner Valley at the base of the Hurricane Cliffs, crosses over Sand Mountain to the West Rim and ends at the Washington Dam staging area.

East Rim Trail has a 3 rating thanks to several ledges along the trail as well as sand dune crossings. This trail is suitable for those who want to work on their sand driving techniques while getting in some minimal rock crawling. The trail can be run in a stock vehicle with a small lift and 29”-31” tires. While differential lockers aren’t necessary, you should ensure your vehicle has enough clearance to clear the ledges and avoid snagging your undercarriage on rocks.

Obstacles, Scenery and Terrain

The East Rim Trail offers a fun, casual, off-roading drive with mild challenges. The main difficulty along this route will be clearing the sand dunes as you cross Sand Mountain. This will call for aired-down tires, the right momentum and wheel speed to avoid getting stuck or bogged down in the sand. Also, ensure that you have a whip flag if you’re driving on the sand.

The scenery along the trail is simply fantastic with amazing views of the Warner Valley, the Arizona Valley, the Red Cliffs area, Pine Valley Mountains and St. George City. Don’t forget your camera as there will be a lot of photo ops along the way. Luckily, the trail isn’t too demanding and you can look up once in a while to take in the incredible views.

East Rim Trail is mostly used for camping and it’s accessible all year round, making it perfect for those looking to escape winter up north. It’s a great trail that can be run in a stock 4×4 vehicle and the scenery combined with the mild challenges make it perfect for off-roading beginners or experienced drivers looking for a more relaxed pace.



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