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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Double Sammy

Any avid off-roader looking for adventure in Utah won’t be content with tame trails. You want rugged terrain that will test your rig and get the adrenalin pumping. After all, why travel all the way to the southwest if you’re not going to experience some of the best trails available.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we understand this that’s why we arrange trail riding events to get as many people as possible to enjoy the trails in and around Utah. The experience makes most off-roaders keep coming back for more.

As part of our ongoing series shining the spotlight on off-road trails in these parts, we’re going to focus on Double Sammy.

Trail Overview

Double Sammy is one of the tougher trails found in the expansive Sand Hollow State Park. It’s rated 7 and though it only runs for 1.8 miles, it packs plenty of rapid, non-stop challenges and obstacles into that short distance.

There’s fantastic scenery along the trail with breathtaking views of Sand Hollow Reservoir to the north, Pine Valley Mountains to the west, Hurricane Cliffs to the east and Zion National Park sprawled out in the distance.

To successfully run the trail you’ll need a rig with both front and rear lockers, a lift and at least 33’ tires. Don’t forget to carry along air-down, air-up equipment, a CB radio and have a whip flag attached to your 4x4.

Trail Obstacles and Surface

Double Sammy starts at the Sand Hollow State Park and travels across the face of Sand Mountain. The start of the trail runs through sand dunes that are steep enough to test your sand driving skills. Driving straight up or down the dunes, using aired down tires and maintaining steady momentum will get you over the sand dunes without major issues.

As you go on, the sand gives way to rocky slickrock (sandstone) with multiple ledges and cracks and this is where the off-roading fun really begins.

Along the trail, there’s an abundance of steep ascents and descents that will call for knowledge of approach and departure angles as drivers maneuver their way through the sandstone cliffs. With notable obstacles such as the Traverse, which lies midway through the trail, and a tricky 70ft steep chute, it’s no surprise that most rigs take quite a beating. Expect your 4x4 to sustain possible body damage and a mechanical breakdown isn’t off the menu either. Luckily, most obstacles are optional and you can take the by-passes should you wish to avoid them.

Overall, Double Sammy is the perfect trail for off-roaders who are right at home with lots of off-camber stuff, driving in the sand, rock crawling and maneuvering their rigs over ridiculous steep spots all while surrounded by remarkable scenery.

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