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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Bzzackwards

There are many reasons why people visit our part of the country. Some travel for business, others come to see cultural and archeological artifacts while others come to enjoy our trails. Not to brag but we in Utah have some of the best off-roading trails in the world. You can find a trail to suit you whether you’re looking for some rock crawling or dune running.

One of the best 4x4 playgrounds in the state is the Sand Hollow State Park. We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive often organize trail riding events to Sand Hollow and we assure you that you’ll have the time of your life here.

A Mildly Challenging Scenic Trail Ride

One of the trails you’re likely to encounter when you sign up for Southern Utah trail rides is Bzzackwards. This slightly weird name is derived from a combination of buzz and backwards.

Bzzackwards is a relatively new trail that was developed for the 2016 Winter 4x4 Jamboree. It’s a medium-level trail with a 5 rating and it features everything from high ledges and steep slick-rock to sand dunes and some rock climbing. This is a great trail to help novices get used to off-roading while experienced off-roaders can use it as a warm-up trail before getting to tougher ones.

The trail runs for 12.6 miles starting at the Green Gate and working its way until the end at the Rock Garden area. Towards the end, Bzzackwards follows the West Rim Trail in reverse and this is probably what earned its name.

Trail Obstacles and Scenery

Bzzackwards will have you backtracking along West Rim, taking you past several scenic diversions along the way. But don’t let the scenery fool you into assuming that this is an easy trail. There is a reason for the 5 rating and if you underestimate some of the obstacles, you might just find yourself dealing with some inconveniencing vehicle damage.

Since the trail runs from the North-Eastern corner of Sand Mountain to the South-Western one, you’ll enjoy dramatic views including the Pine Valley Range, 700ft cliffs as well as different rock formations like natural windows, some small arches, and hoodoos. So don’t leave your camera behind!

The trail surface shouldn’t present much of a problem as the slickrock gives good traction. However, to successfully complete the trail you’ll need a minimum tire size of 33”, a lift, both front, and rear lockers and a whip flag.

As for the obstacles, you start off with a descent down a rock fin in the first mile that may require novices to get a spotter. You’ll also encounter some sand dunes and a mildly steep descent down Comp Hill which shouldn’t be a problem if you stick to the fall line. The obstacle on the trail that really tests the nerve of quite a few off-roaders is Butt Dragon which presents a drop-in followed by an immediate climb out that might dent some bumpers.

Overall, Bzzackwards is a challenging scenic run that shouldn’t be missed.

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