Off Road Trail Spotlight: Birthing Cave Behind the Reservoir

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we like interacting not only with our customers but also with visitors who come to the southwest to get a taste of our awesome off-roading trails. Most of these visitors express interest in getting out and exploring the desert, taking in some of the scenery and getting to know the history of the area.

That’s why we try and incorporate trail rides that take us to some of the historical sites located nearby. Sure we love Sand Hollow State Park and the numerous different trails it has but there’s something about exploring the surrounding desert area and discovering places steeped in history.

That being said, we’d like to share details about one of our favorite trails outside Sand Hollow –Birthing Cave Behind the Reservoir.

Trail Overview

The Birthing Cave Behind the Reservoir trail winds from the town of Hurricane to the historic town of Gunlock. From there, the trail leaves the pavement and continues on a graded dirt road that goes through the desert. Along the way, you’ll come across a little canyon that is just perfect for first-timers who want to practice some rock crawling with minimal risk.

After leaving the canyon, the trail takes you to some slickrock fins. Nested in the walls of these rock formations are a couple of caves of significant historical value. Once you park your car, it’s a short distance to The Birthing Cave which has a large number of Native American pictographs painted on the ceiling. Some of the petroglyphs on the cave ceilings are thought to date back to the archaic period and it’s a wonder that they’re so remarkably well-preserved.

The trail has a “4” rating and a stock 4WD can make it there and back as long as it has high ground clearance.

Scenery and Surface

This trail is 83 miles long, 63 of which are on pavement. The rest of the trail off the highway comprises mostly graded dirt with some sandy sections and some areas with loose rocks.

There’s gorgeous scenery along the trail and you’ll have the chance to spot some desert vegetation including Mesquite, Juniper, and Pinion Pine. You’ll also get to see some red rock hills as well as catch glimpses of the Mormon Mountains. If you climb to the top of some of the rocks, you’ll be amazed by the panoramic views of the southwest mountain ranges and deserts. Looking down from Gunlock Reservoir gives you a particularly magnificent view of the entire Dixie area.

Trail Obstacles

While this trail has no notable obstacles, you’ll traverse some rocky areas so ensure your vehicle has adequate clearance to avoid snagging on some of the outcrops.

Keep in mind that the petroglyphs in The Birthing Cave are delicate and the whole area is a historical site. Avoid touching these cave drawings and be a responsible off-roader. Remember to tread lightly, keep the places you visit clean and play your part in ensuring that this area remains intact for future generations.

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