Off Road Trail Spotlight: Backdoor To Babylon

There’s a lot more to our corner of the state than the fantastic scenery and the thriving off-roading culture. This part of Utah is also steeped in history. When you visit the southwest to do some off-roading on one of our trails, take some time to also learn some history about the area. You can visit any of the historic sites, go dinosaur-track hunting or even make a game of spotting some of the numerous petroglyphs in the area. Don’t just confine yourself to the trails.

Speaking of trails and history, we’d like to highlight one of the trails that combines these two – Backdoor to Babylon.

Trail Overview   

Backdoor to Babylon is a fun and scenic trail that takes you to the historic ghost town of Babylon located 12 miles to the northeast of St. George. We love incorporating this trail to one of our organized trail rides just to show people that there are a lot more trails outside of the Sand Hollow State Park. It also provides a good opportunity for visitors to learn some of the area’s history.

This trail has a rating of 4 and can be easily tackled in a 4WD with tires 31” and above and sufficient clearance.

As the name suggests, Backdoor to Babylon will take you right to the ruins of what used to be known as Babylon Town. This was established in 1877 by mill workers and their families who worked and depended on the Stormont Mill, situated near the Virgin River. The closure of the mill led to the death of the town. It remained abandoned for nearly a century before John Vought, a former official in the U.S State Department bought it in the 1980s with plans of building a retirement home there. Unfortunately, that home –named Babylon House- burnt down in early stages leaving behind a shell and the place was abandoned again.

Scenery and Surface

What it lacks in obstacles the Backdoor to Babylon trail more than makes up for in scenery. The Babylon area of Utah is a place of remarkable beauty as you’ll discover riding down from Toquerville to the Virgin River. Take a moment to appreciate the beautiful sight of the greenish waters of the river winding through the red rock canyons.

Don’t forget to check out the ruins of Babylon House. The top of these ruins provides a vantage point to view the river and the surrounding area. You should also check out the ruins of the Stormont Mill. A few walls of the former office still remain.

The trail’s surface is mainly dirt, deep sand, and slickrock with some rocky sections.

Obstacles and Trail Details

While this is mostly a scenic trail, you can still have some fun crawling on the rocky sections. Just ensure that your vehicle has adequate clearance and that you have a spotter to help you with your wheel placement.

If you’re looking for a trail that combines some light crawling with history, then Backdoor to Babylon is the one for you.


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