Off Road Trail Spotlight: Whitmore Canyon and Bar Ten Ranch – St. George, Utah Trails

One of the best things about living in St. George is having access to excellent trails away from the crowded and more popular ones in Moab. These trails are great for those looking to polish their off-roading skills without any pressure or for those simply looking for a scenic ride on a day out with their families. Trail riding is best enjoyed as a group activity and if you don’t have any friends to round up for an off-roading adventure, you’re welcome to join our trail rides.

Whitmore Canyon and Bar Ten Ranch

If you want to enjoy the Grand Canyon away from the crowds, your best bet is to head to the North Rim. There are different outlooks over the North Rim, giving splendid views and Whitmore Canyon is one of these.

Situated about 73 miles from St. George, Whitmore Canyon takes you to an overlook of the Grand Canyon with stunning views of the Colorado River. The first part of the trip will take you from St. George to Mt. Trumbull School which ran from 1917-1968. The original school building burnt down in 2000 and the existing one was built in 2001. You can still see some of the playground equipment behind the school.

The next leg of the trip takes you to the Bar 10 Ranch Airstrip. The graded road eventually becomes rockier as you approach Whitmore Canyon. The Bar 10 Ranch is an upscale ranch that provides river rafting, horseback riding and helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. A representative of the ranch is also available to give you a history of the ranch and Whitmore Canyon which will delight history buffs.

From the Bar 10 Ranch airstrip, it’s a 7-mile drive to the overlook. This is the roughest part of the trail as you’ll be driving over a lava field. Your rig needs high ground clearance as well as beefy tires to make it through this stretch. Your perseverance will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River from 1000 ft. If you’re up to it, you can take a short hike down to the river.

The scenery along the trail changes from wide open country with wide flats to deep canyons. If you time your trip just right in spring, the trip from the airstrip to Whitmore Canyon will be filled with the color of blooming desert flowers including Sego Lilies and Desert Yellow Daisies.

Trip Preparation

While the route to the Bar 10 Ranch and Whitmore Canyon is well documented, it’s still advisable to download a trail map of the area yourself. That way, you’ll have a reference to ensure you’re heading in the right direction.

Contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive before and after your trip to give your 4WD the service and maintenance it needs to keep taking you on those off-roading adventures.

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