Off Road Trail Spotlight: Point Sublime – Kanab – North Rim Trails

Exploring the southwest isn’t enough without a trip to the Grand Canyon. While those who want the traditional experience often go to the South Rim, those looking for a much quieter time head to the North Rim. This not only helps them avoid the sort of crowds that are found in the popular off-roading trails in Moab, but it also gives them a chance to explore the wilderness without any pressure.

As part of our regular trail rides, we love going to check out some of the remote trails around the North Rim. You just never know what you’ll find and we often end up discovering some hidden corners with the most beautiful scenery.

Point Sublime, Kanab, North Rim Trails

One such hidden corner is Point Sublime. Technically, this isn’t a corner but a peninsula that juts out from the Grand Canyon, affording visitors a breathtaking panorama of this famous gorge. Point Sublime is located midway along the North Rim and about 2 hours from the AZ-67.

Getting there involves driving through a mostly forested landscape trail as pines and firs gradually give way to junipers, pinions, and desert cacti. Th 18-mile dirt road that leads you to Point Sublime is in good condition most of the year although it’s recommended that you make the trip in a 4WD vehicle with sufficient ground clearance.

Point Sublime is the westernmost of North Rim’s viewpoints that are accessible by vehicle, adding a layer of solitude and uniqueness. This is a place for those looking for a serene escape from the bustle of the city where they can immerse themselves in the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. When looking out at the canyon spreading out from this vantage point, it’s impossible not to feel blown away by the grandness of it all.

Trip Preparation

While the remoteness of the area may be welcome for those looking for a quiet escape, it can spell disaster should any accident or car problems happen. That’s why it’s recommended that you download a trail map of the area and upload it to your GPS device to keep you from getting lost.

We also recommend carrying emergency equipment in your vehicle in case of any eventuality, including a working jack, spare tire, enough food and water for the trip as well as sleeping gear. While camping is possible in the area, you’ll need to first obtain backcountry permits.

To make the trip there and back, your ride should be in great condition. Our 4WD experts can take a look at it, and do some service and maintenance to have it in good running form. We are also ready to answer any questions you may have about customizing your build or exploring the trails in this corner of the southwest. Contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you in any way we can.

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