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Living in St. George means having numerous alternatives to the popular off-roading trails in Moab. While the trails near and around St. George may not draw as many visitors, they are steeped in history and beautiful scenery and are great for a weekend of exploring with your friends or family.

As part of our trail ride events, we like exploring different trails in the area. This not only gives novice off-roaders a chance to hone their skills on different trails but also allows participants in our events to appreciate the desert scenery as well as the many hidden treasures we come across during our adventures.

One of the memorable areas we love exploring is the Arizona Strip. This is a section of land that is bordered by Utah to the north and the Colorado River of the Grand Canyon to the south. It’s a remote area that takes you deep into the desert. This area has plenty of hidden gems so keep your eyes peeled for interesting sites.

One of the interesting sites to visit is the Paiute Cave.

The Paiute Cave

The Paiute Cave is a lost cave that was used by the Paiute Indians years ago. Getting to it involves driving over miles of dusty, unpaved roads then a short hike over sharp volcanic rocks. Although this cave is marked by the BLM, it’s still hard to spot since it’s found in a depression in the ground instead of by the side of a hill.

Once you get there, you’ll be blown away by the amazing pictographs on the walls. The ancient Indian art is colored and in pretty good condition. This is because the remoteness of the area coupled with the difficulty of accessing the cave has largely kept it safe from vandals and the elements. There are different scenes and things depicted on the cave walls, leaving you wondering about the original intent of the painters. The cave has a sacred feel to it and you can’t help but wonder what role it played in the Paiute Indians’ lives.

Trip Preparation

To get to the cave, your rig needs to be a 4-wheeler with large tires and sufficient ground clearance. The road is in good condition though dusty and may become difficult to navigate when it rains. The search for the cave will take you to a remote area of the desert where cell phone reception is poor. To avoid getting lost, we recommend downloading a map of the area from our online store. These maps can be uploaded to your GPS device of choice and used as a reference so you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going.

Even though the trail there isn’t full of obstacles, your ride still needs to be in good condition to make the trip. Contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive for any service, maintenance, or repairs you need.

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