Off Road Trail Spotlight: Modena Stateline Mine Deer Lodge Jennie Mine – St. George, Utah Trails

One of the reasons we love living in St. George is that the area is steeped in history. Being one of the places some of the early pioneers settled, this area has lots of historic buildings and ghost towns waiting to be explored. Going on such historic trail runs makes a nice change from rock crawling and trying to conquer obstacles in the usual popular trails in Southern Utah.

Some of the most interesting ghost towns and abandoned mines in this area are found a few miles near the Nevada border. The best way to experience this trip down memory lane is to join us on one of our trail rides. That way, you’ll be part of a fun group of off-roaders who love exploring this fascinating part of the country.

Modena Stateline Mine Deer Lodge Jennie Mine

One such trip we love organizing is to Modena, Stateline, Deer Lodge, and Jennie Mines. The trip starts from St. George and heads towards the Nevada border. Modena is a small town located along Route 56 just 9 miles East of the Nevada border. This is a tiny town so there aren’t that many historic buildings left. However, you can still see what remains of the B. J. Lund & Co.-General Merchandise & Hotel building.

Moving on from Modena you get to the Hamblin Valley and on to the ghost mining town of Stateline, Utah. This town owed its growth to the discovery of gold and silver deposits in the Stateline Canyon. It boomed through the early 1900s and started its decline just before 1920. While there, you can take a detour to check out the Ophir mine perched on the hillside.

From there, the next stop is Deer Lodge town where you can see what remains of Hackett Ranch. Deer Lodge is another town that grew thanks to mining in the area and was abandoned as soon as the mineral ores started running low.

The same is true of Jennie Mine, which was rich in silver and gold deposits. Jennie Mine is found in Lincoln County Nevada – the final stop on this trail run.

Get Prepared for the Trip

This is a fun way to pass a weekend, catching a glimpse of how pioneers lived back then. The trail goes over dirt roads that are relatively well kept but may prove troublesome in winter or during rainy months. Some of these mines and towns are in remote locations and downloading a map of the area can help you find your way.

Also, ensure that your rig is in good condition to tackle the trail by bringing it over to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St. George. Choose one of our 4X4 trail prep and safety packages and our experts will get working on your ride, either before or after your trip.

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