Off Road Trail Spotlight: Matterhorn – Hump N Bump Trails

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love attending off-roading events. Other than the Easter Jeep Safari organized by the Red Rock 4 Wheelers, we also make time for the Hump N’ Bump.

This is a 3-day event organized by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. The event is held in the Logandale Trails area as well as the Valley of Fire recreation area. Aside from rock crawling, it also features vendor booths for different companies, various spectator events, a bonfire, raffles, and a dinner. It’s great fun for the entire family.

Participants in the Hump N’ Bump roll into the Moapa Valley and get to test their rides against different trails of varying difficulty levels. This is a great alternative to our regular trail ride events and it gives avid off-roaders a chance to not only try out different trails from the popular ones in Moab but to also interact with other off-roaders from different parts of the world.

The Matterhorn Trail

One of the trails experienced during the Hump N’ Bump event is the Matterhorn trail. It’s rated 6 and is suitable for slightly modified rigs with at least 35” tires. Front and rear lockers aren’t necessary but are good to have.

Named after the Matterhorn in Switzerland, this trail is often run as part of the Weiser Valley rail. It normally runs from north to south although it can be done either way. It takes you through the Logandale Hills, giving you a fantastic view over the Valley of Fire State Park. The Matterhorn is the ideal combination of scenery and obstacles. While most of the obstacles are short hill climbs and descents, there’s an off-camber climb followed by a large hill that is sure to get your adrenalin running. At the end of the trail is a v-notch climb that takes you to the top of the hill.

While waiting for your turn at some of the obstacles, don’t forget to take in the amazing scenery including the red rocks characteristic to this part of the country as well as the sand dunes. We are sure you’ll find plenty to photograph.

Trail Preparation

The Matterhorn is a challenging trail and when taking part in events such as the Hump N’ Bump, casualties are inevitable. Your rig needs to be in top condition and even then, you may have a broken axle or another mechanical problem on your hands. Should this happen, don’t hesitate to contact us for repairs. We’re also happy to talk shop and love meeting other off-roading enthusiasts or work on custom modifications and upgrades for different 4-wheelers.

If you’re planning to attend the Hump N’ Bump, you can download a trail map of the area from our online store to familiarize yourself with some of the trails beforehand. Also, remember to be a responsible off-roader and leave no trace. Other than that, get out there and have fun!

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