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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Little Creek Mesa - St. George, Utah Trails

People often think that the trails around St. George, Utah can’t hold a candle to the more popular ones in Moab. The truth is that these are some of the most scenic trails in the southwest and often contain some hidden treasures that will keep you coming back for more.

These trails are best explored as part of a group. Joining our trail rides allows you to interact and learn from other off-roaders while exploring this corner of the country and having fun.

Little Creek Mesa

One of the hidden treasures in the St. George trails is Little Creek Mesa. This is located about 22 miles from Hurricane, Utah and 8 miles from State Highway 59. The trail itself is rugged and will require a 4WD with sufficient ground clearance. It’s located a few miles from the more famous Gooseberry Mesa but still provides enough to see and explore.

The best time to visit Little Creek Mesa is either in the spring or fall. The country all around is beautiful but that can change in a minute depending on the weather. The scenery along the trail features typical desert vegetation including junipers, gooseberry, and pinion. You might also catch glimpses of cactus flowers if those are in bloom.

You’ll be driving over slickrock for part of the trail, giving you better traction and a break from the sand, gravel, and rocks. However, remember to keep an eye out for deer and cattle that normally roam this area. There are also some snakes so be careful if you decide to leave your vehicle to explore on foot.

The most surprising thing about this trail is the small lake that you’ll come to. It somehow manages to say almost full all year long and has crawfish and bass. There are some petroglyphs on the slickrock near this lake and you’ll have fun deciphering some of the figures depicted. A little distance from there are the remnants of an Anasazi firing kiln and pit house where you can see plenty of pottery shards. Kindly don’t remove any of these. Take pictures and leave the shards as they are for others to enjoy.

Trip Preparation

The trail can be hard to follow in places since it’s marked with rock cairns that may not be that easy to spot. A map of the area or GPS can help you find your way and keep you from getting lost.

Ensure that you prepare adequately for the trip and travel in a group or let someone know where you’re going. The weather can be unpredictable at times so carry appropriate clothing along with enough food, water, first aid, and tools.

The trail can be narrow in places and the desert shrubs and trees can do a number on your paint job. If this happens, contact Dixie 4 Wheel Drive or bring your ride into our auto shop in St. George and we’ll be happy to fix it up for you.

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