Off Road Trail Spotlight: Key West Mine – Mesquite – Nevada Trails

Nothing beats heading out on the trail and letting the wide open spaces of the southwest relax your mind. If you’ve had enough of the popular trails in Moab and would like to experience a quiet drive with plenty to see, turn your gaze towards the Mesquite-Nevada Trails.

These trails take you into the desert and while it’s hot and dry most of the year, there’s still plenty to see. The history of the area along with the possibility of spotting something interesting during the trip are some of the reasons why this remains one of our top destinations for our organized trail rides. So far we’ve spotted ghost towns, abandoned mines, petroglyphs, and even dinosaur tracks.

Key West Mine Trail Ride

This trail takes you almost to the foothills of the Virgin Mountains. Key West Mie is found near Bunkerville, Nevada. You might recognize this name from the famous Bunkerville Choo Choo in the area which was part of a train but is now used to hold water for cattle.

Key West Mine was part of the Bunkerville Mining District and its potential was discovered in 1897. Operations at the mine went on from 1908-1935 with the mine producing substantial quantities of gold, nickel and copper. These metals were mined both on the surface and underground. You can still see remnants of the shaft and the mine when you visit.

Getting to this abandoned quarry means driving on rugged terrain for a distance. The road is passable for most of the year and is doable using a stock 4X4. You still need to ensure that your rig has sufficient ground clearance and the tires (and spares) are in good condition to handle the trip.

Trip Planning and Preparation

Also, remember to visit our online store to download maps of the area. This trail takes you to some remote locations and the map can be uploaded to any GPS device of your choice to help you get your bearings and not get lost.

To make sure your vehicle can handle the trip, bring it to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St. George. Our 4X4 experts will take a look at it to ensure everything is in order before your trip. If you bring it in after your trip, we’ll do the necessary repairs to get it running smoothly so it’ll be ready for your next adventure. If you’re ever in St. George, contact us and we’ll be happy to not only fix up your rig but also give you pointers on some of the interesting trails and sites in the area.

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