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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Kanaraville to Kolob and Lava Point - St. George, Utah Trails

Moab, Utah is the undisputed Mecca for off-roaders. However, with some of the most popular off-roading trails in the country located here, it’s understandable that things can get crowded. If you’re looking for less crowded trails that are just as fascinating, it’s time to turn your attention to St. George trails.

One of the best things about trails in St. George is the magnificent scenery they offer. You can take in the fantastic landscape while still giving your off-roading skills a workout. To get an idea of the trails in this part of the state, download the southern Utah trail map from our online store. These maps will also ensure that you never lose your way no matter the trail you take.

Once you get the map, it’s time to fuel up your ride, gather some friends, and hit the trail. The Kanarraville to Kolob and Lava Point trail is a great one to start with.

Trail Overview

We at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive love discovering new trails to check out and once we mastered the route from Kanarraville to Kolob Reservoir and Lava Point, we just had to add it to our southern Utah trail rides. This way, others can experience this gem as well.

The Kanarraville to Kolob route is a moderately tarmacked mountain road that’s located near Cedar City. It passes through forests making for awesome surroundings with plenty of photo opportunities. This is the trail to choose if you’re looking for a scenic drive with little to no challenges. It is suitable for all skill levels and is an easy drive for a stock SUV when dry.

With its excellent westward vistas of Cedar City and the northern part of New Harmony, you’ll be tempted to take your eyes off the trail and just drink everything in. Be aware though that this being a mountain road, it can sometimes be covered in snow during the winter, so always keep your eyes on the road.

Before getting to Lava Point, you can choose to take a detour to the West Rim trailhead or to just continue up to your destination. Either way, the view of Zion National Park from Lava Point shouldn’t be missed. It is magnificent with stunning vistas of the entire area.

While the trail itself should be easy for any 4WD, ensure that your ride is ready to go by bringing it to our auto shop in Moab or St. George for routine service and maintenance. We’ll check the oil and fluids, align your wheels, check the tire pressure, and do whatever else it takes to ensure the vehicle can handle the trip.

St. George trails are a welcome alternative to the Moab ones. However, the same off-roading rules apply and you’re urged to be a responsible off-roader to ensure no harm comes to the environment.



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