Off Road Trail Spotlight: Kanab Point – Kanab – North Rim Trails

One of the major attractions in this part of the U.S is the Grand Canyon. While the South Rim is the most popular, the lesser-known North Rim viewpoint delivers awesome vistas of the canyon and surrounding areas. As a bonus, it receives fewer visitors too, making it perfect for those who want to experience the grandeur of the canyon away from the crowds.

The best place to check out the view from the North Rim is from Kanab Point. We love going to this area as it gives us a chance to drive through the desert. if you’d like to join us on one of our trips, sign up for our trail rides. That way, you’ll get to explore this corner of the country while hanging out with other avid off-roaders.

Kanab Point – Kanab

Kanab is a quaint town in southern Utah and it’s a great place to launch your trip to the Grand Canyon. The North Rim is located less than a 2-hour drive from Kanab, making it an ideal place for a day trip.

Kanab Point is located inside the Grand Canyon National Park at the confluence of Kanab Creek, the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. Most of the trails leading there are in the Arizona Strip and some of them have been closed off in recent years so be sure to confirm your route before heading there.

The road to Kanab Point is a graded dirt road in good condition. However, the area does experience heavy snowstorms and rainfall at times, making the road almost impassable. A 4WD vehicle with high ground clearance is recommended for the trip. This trip will take you to a remote area so we recommend downloading a GPX OHV trail map of the area. You can then upload this to any of your GPS devices so you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going.

The view from Kanab Point is simply breathtaking and well worth the trip. You can see for miles around, taking in the sparse sandstone and the interesting rock formations carved from centuries of erosion.

Trip Preparation

Other than plenty of food and water for the trip, you’ll need to dress appropriately. You’ll be heading into the desert and the high daytime temperatures rapidly give way to low temperatures when the sun sets. Also, make sure you have some means of communication other than your phone as cell reception in the area can be a bit patchy.

Your rig will also need to be in good condition so bring it to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St. George. You can choose from one of our vehicle build packages to have your ride serviced before or after your trip. Our 4WD experts are also knowledgeable in the area and will be happy to give you pointers for your trip.

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