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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Indian Canyon Petroglyphs - Kanab – North Rim Trails

The southwest is known for a network of off-roading trails from the popular ones in Moab to the lesser-known ones dotted around the Grand Canyon. The latter tend not to draw as big a crowd as the former, making them ideal for those who want something more intimate with nature. These less popular trails in the North Rim also happen to be scenic with plenty of hidden treasures if one knows where to explore.

Speaking of exploring, these excursions to the desert are best tackled as part of a group. That makes it not only fun but safe. Joining us on our trail runs to one of these hidden treasures will have you interacting and learning from other avid off-roaders who like the outdoors.

Indian Canyon Petroglyphs

One of these hidden treasures near Kanab is the Indian Canyon Pictographs. This site is located to the south of Coral Pink Sand Dunes Park, just a short distance to the southeast of Zion National Park. Driving to this area requires a 4WD vehicle with enough clearance. Although most of the road isn’t rocky, some deep sandy parts could get you stuck. You may need to air down sufficiently to drive through some of these sandy patches. After the rough ride, you’ll need to take a short hike and a short climb down to the cave that’s home to this rock art.

The rock art dates back centuries and gives visitors a fascinating glimpse into the past. You’ll find yourself staring and taking pictures wondering how these early inhabitants lived and how they made the rock art.

Indian Canyon is accessible all year round during nice weather. It however gets very hot in summer, making fall and autumn the best time to visit. You’ll need a map of the area or GPS to help you verify the correct route to the place and back.

Trip Preparation and Precaution

Like any other trip to the desert, you need to adequately prepare for your adventure. You’ll need the right clothing, including sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat. It’s also a good idea to have stocked first-aid kits and toolkits that can sort you out in an emergency. As mentioned earlier, to be on the safe side, it’s better to make the trip with a group of family or friends.

While the deep sand is one thing to watch out for, you also need to look out for the shrubs along the way. We’ve seen many rides brought to our auto shop that had their paint jobs pinstriped on the sides thanks to the narrow trail. Other than the paint job, you can also bring in your ride for a pre or post trail service and maintenance session.

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