Off Road Trail Spotlight: Flat Top Mesa To Three Corners – Mesquite – Nevada Trails

Visitors to our corner of Utah are always excited when they learn they can simultaneously stand on three states at the same time by visiting Three-Corners. 

We also don’t like to pass up the chance to go explore the outdoors and often invite other avid off-roaders to join us on one of our trail runs. That way, we can all learn from each other while having fun.

For this particular trip to Three-Corners, we prefer combining it with an exploration of other nearby trails. There are several of them to pick from including the Flat Top Mesa Trail.

Flat Top Mesa to Three Corners

Located in Mesquite, Nevada, Flat Top Mesa is a favorite destination for many. The trial is easily accessible and will have you winding up a narrow sand ledge before connecting to a long, looping trail to the top of the mesa.

All through the trail, you’ll have incredible views of the area below. Since the mesa itself has cliffs towering 200 feet above the towns below, you’ll have a panoramic view as far as your eyes can see. You’ll be able to check out not only Mesquite but also Scenic in Arizona. Additionally, you’ll spot Virgin Peak as well as the Virgin River.

The trail itself both to Flat Top Mesa and then on to Three-Corners is a little bumpy with plenty of small climbs and steep grades. It’s alternately sandy and rocky in places, giving you ample time to drive over both surfaces. You’ll need a 4WD with adequate ground clearance and large tires to complete this trip.

Although the trail and the area are easily accessible, it’s important to note that some of this is private land. For this reason, you should stick to the designated roads and trails and not go exploring off the beaten path. 

Don’t forget that this is a trip to a fairly remote area so you’ll need to download a map of the trail and area to always know where you are. The trail maps on our online store can be easily uploaded to the navigation device of your choice for a hassle-free trip.

Trip Preparations and Precautions

While this trail doesn’t have any major obstacles, your ride still needs to be in good shape for the trip. Can you imagine breaking down in the desert? You can bring it to our full-service auto shop in St. George to ensure it is trail-worthy. You can also contact us after your trip if you’d like some repairs, service, or maintenance done to keep your vehicle running well.

Making the trip from Flat Top Mesa to Three-Corners is a great way to have an all-day adventure in the desert. It’s also a great alternative to the popular off-roading trails in Moab especially if you’re with family or friends

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