Off Road Trail Spotlight: Devils Cove – Mesquite – Nevada Trails

Off Road Trail Spotlight: Devils Cove – Mesquite – Nevada Trails

Off-roading doesn’t mean you have to negotiate tough, trails or obstacles all the time. It can also mean heading out on a scenic trail and enjoying the breathtaking views and historic landmarks of an area. This is a great way to relax, unwind and recharge from the stress of your normal life.

Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we love organizing trail rides to different destinations in South Utah. We welcome all avid off-roaders to join us as we have fun discovering some hidden gems and uncovering some new ones as well.

The area around Mesquite, Nevada is one such interesting place to explore. This area is not only close to southern Utah, requiring a short drive, but also has lots of crisscrossing trails suitable for all off-roaders.

Devil’s Cove Mesquite

One such trail is Devil’s Cove. We love to plan this trail run during the spring when the desert wildflowers are in full bloom. The trail itself originates in the Gold Butte National Monument and travels down several washes into a cove of Lake Mead.

To get there, we usually assemble at Mesquite or drive there in a group. From there we head to exit 112 off the I-15, cross the Virgin River and go on to the scenic Whitney Pockets area. Getting down to the cove is a fun drive as you’ll be weaving in and out of several washes along the way.

This trail is mostly a mix of sand, rock, and dirt road with no major obstacles. As such, it can be comfortably tackled in a stock 4WD. The trail is about 14.17 miles long and can be done in about 3 hours. Give yourself more time to stop and snap photos of the incredible vistas all around and the beautiful wildflowers if you go in the spring. The incredible rock formations and other geographical features, as well as the desert scenery, will keep you busy throughout your trip.

This being one of the remote trails in the area, we recommend downloading a trail map from our online store. This can be uploaded into any GPS tracking device so you’ll always have an idea where you are. Also keep in mind that you’ll be heading into the desert so carry plenty of drinking water, sunscreen and wear appropriate clothing for the trip.

Is Your Rig Trail Ready?

While Devil’s Cove may not be packed full of obstacles and as challenging as other trails, your rig still needs to be in good condition for the trip.

Bring it to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St. George and our 4WD experts will take a look at it and get it ready for the trail. You can also choose from one of our 4×4 Trail Prep & Safety Packages to ensure that your ride can get you there and back. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need any tips or suggestions for your trip while you’re there. 

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