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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Davidson Grave to 3 corners - Mesquite – Nevada Trails

Not all off-roading trails have to do with navigating obstacles. Some are steeped in the rich history of this corner of our country. These give a fascinating glimpse into how people lived in the past and remind us how far we’ve come.

At Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we incorporate these trails into our trail rides so that we can help people learn more about the area. One such historic trail ride is from Davidson Grave to 3 Corners. This trail ride takes you from St. George to Mesquite Nevada, passing through Arizona.


Trail Overview

The Davidson Grave is located 15 miles from Mesquite, 3 miles inside Lincoln County. The trail there follows an old Mormon wagon trail used in the 1800s. The site marks where 3 members of the Davidson family – James, Maria, and their son Joseph were buried after dying due to lack of water in 1869. To get to the gravesite, you have to follow a faint trail that leads off from the dirt road. The exact location can be hard to find unless you have GPS coordinates. You can download a trail map of the area from our online store then import the file to Gaia Maps or any other navigation app of your choice.

From the Davidson Grave, you can make your way to 3 corners – the spot where Utah, Arizona, and Nevada intersect. There you’ll find a monument with the 3 flags of the different states. If heading there from Mesquite, you’ll take a dirt road heading north. The trail is steep at the start with some rough, bumpy sections as well as deep ruts. This is nothing that a stock 4WD can’t handle, although you should air down your tires to give you better traction. The route takes you past awesome scenery with the Virgin Mountains in the background.

If you opt to go back to St. George from Mesquite, the trip should take you about 45 minutes, along the I-15. The route goes through the Virgin River Gorge, cutting through the steep, winding canyon. Using this route, you’ll go through Nevada, Arizona then on to Utah.

As always, remember to make the trip with some friends, or to at least inform someone where you’re going. Also carry a CB radio with you along with plenty of snacks, water, and layered clothing.

While this trail doesn’t have obstacles that would prove too challenging, it’s still a good idea to bring your rig in for pre-trail service. You can also opt to bring it for service and maintenance after your trip. Our 4WD experts at our auto shop in St. George would be happy to share some off-roading tips, point out other places of interest or help you design your custom 4X4 build by upgrading and modifying your rig.

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