Off Road Trail Spotlight: Cougar Pass – St. George, Utah Trails

The trails around St. George are some of the most fascinating in the southwest. While those in Moab are more popular thanks to the rock-crawling excitement they offer, St. George trails have more variety. Here you can find scenic trails packed full of beautiful scenery lending itself to weekend rides and camping out. You can also find challenging trails to pit your rig against, giving you some of that adrenalin rush that some off-roaders crave.

If you’re looking to sample some of the trails near and around St. George, join one of our southern Utah trail rides. We regularly organize these to bring off-roaders together so that they can have fun and learn from each other.

Cougar Pass 4X4 Trail

Some of the more fascinating trails in this corner of the southwest lie in the area between the Utah and Nevada borders. One such example is Cougar Pass. The best way to explore this trail is as part of a scenic drive from Enterprise to St. George. Cougar Pass is part of the Cougar Canyon Wilderness that’s near Enterprise. Notable areas nearby include the Dixie National Forest to the northeast and the Zion National part to the east.

Along the trail, you’ll pass by Motoqua – an old Mormon settlement. The road is mainly rough and dusty, impairing visibility at times especially if traveling with others. It is also narrow in sections and you have to be constantly alert. Cougar Pass is located in a remote area and we advise you to download a trail map of the area from our online store. You can then upload this to Garmin or any other GPS tracking device to help you find your way.

This is a mostly scenic trail with plenty to photograph and look at so don’t forget to carry your camera

Cougar Pass Trail Preparation

Cougar Pass takes you into the desert and as such, it’s important to make adequate preparations before your trip. For starters, ensure that your rig is in good condition to handle the trail. Bring it down to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop in St George and choose one of our trail prep and safety packages to get it ready.

Once you’re sure your ride is ready, it’s time to make other trip preparations. This includes making sure you carry enough food and water for the trip. Also, ensure that you wear appropriate clothing for the trip. Since this trail will take you to a remote area of the desert, it is recommended that you make the trip with friends or as part of a group. That way help will be on hand should anything go wrong.

Torrey Fall Foliage Trip 2015 – Day 2

St. George Jeepers Trail Report
Torrey Fall Foliage Trip
Sept. 29, 2015
Submitted by Bud Sanders

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