Off Road Trail Spotlight: Ceder Pocket Overlook – St. George, Utah Trails

While Moab is home to some of the most popular off-roading trails in Utah, St. George offers great alternatives. As a bonus, the trails in St. George are ideal for those looking to have some off-roading fun away from the crowds. Here at Dixie 4 Wheel Drive, we often get people visiting our auto shop, curious about trails other than the ones that Moab has to offer and we never tire of directing them towards St. George and the many, lesser-known trails there.

One such trail is the Cedar Pocket Overlook trail.

Cedar Pocket Overlook Trail Overview

The Overlook Trail is located a few miles west of St. George, along the I-15. It’s a highly scenic trail with great views of the desert landscape, making it a great choice for a family outing. Most of the trail surface is on a rough, well-graded road with some steep hills and loose rocks. A 4WD with sufficient clearance should handle the trail with no problems at all.

Other than the magnificent scenery, there are plenty of other notable places to hold your interest. If you have time, make sure you stop by the Cedar Pocket Sinkhole. This huge sinkhole collapsed years ago, so those who are feeling adventurous can make their way to the bottom. A word of warning though – the sinkhole surface consists of lots of loose dirt and a steep slope. It’s not suitable for beginners and only those who know what they’re doing should attempt to go all the way to the bottom.

Other notable places to see include the Virgin River Canyon Area, the Beaver Dam Mountain Wilderness, the Paiute Wilderness, and the nearby Zion National Park. You can also take time to go hike the Virgin River Gorge. Once you get to Cedar Pocket Overlook, you’ll be delighted at the amazing views of the Cedar Pocket as well as the Virgin River making its way down below.

Other Trail Details

One important thing to keep in mind is that this trail is in the desert. Daytime temperatures get really high, so it’s a good idea to carry appropriate clothing plus lots of drinking water. Also, stay on the designated path to avoid damaging the delicate soil and environment.

This being a relatively new trail, there isn’t a lot of information there about it. However, you can download a map of the area from our online store or join our trail rides to explore the area with other off-roading enthusiasts. You can also stop by our auto-shop in Moab or St. George and we’ll be happy to give you more pointers.


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