Off Road Trail Spotlight: Cedar Pocket Bulldog Pass

There are many unexplored off-roading trails around St. George Utah. These trails provide the perfect weekend outing for those looking to explore Utah away from the crowds. All you need to do is round up some of your friends, choose a direction and head out. Alternatively, you could join Dixie 4 Wheel Drive on one of our southern Utah trail rides. That way, you’ll not only explore this part of the country but also get to interact with other avid off-roaders.

Cedar Pocket Bulldog Pass Trail

One of the fascinating areas to explore in Southern Utah is the area that heads into the Mojave Desert. You can start by taking the Cedar Pocket Road, then detour through Bulldog Pass. This is a scenic trip through the desert landscape. While everything appears dry, there’s plenty of desert vegetation to catch the eye. There are numerous places for primitive camping along the route and all of them offer outstanding views of the Beaver Dam Mountain Wilderness. If you have time, you could hike into the Cedar Pocket Wash or take a side trip to the natural sinkhole, located just as you exit Cedar Pocket Canyon.

From there, you travel north entering the Beaver Dam Wash National Conservation Area, and take the Joshua Tree Scenic Byway, also referred to as Bulldog Pass. This route goes over a well-maintained gravel and dirt road that’s passable throughout the year, though it may be somewhat difficult after rainy weather. The road is passable with a stock rig with sufficient ground clearance. Bulldog pass will take you through the northern reach of the Mojave Desert. Along the way, you’ll spot plenty of Joshua trees interspersed with other cacti. If you’re in luck, you may also spot the critically endangered desert tortoise.

The scenery along the route is spectacular thanks to the area’s elevation and you can easily spot St. George spread out to the east as well as the Pine Valley Mountains in the distance. This is a remote area and it can be easy to lose your way so we recommend downloading the trail map of the area from our online store. The trail map can be uploaded to any of your devices so you can easily navigate without getting lost.

Get Trail Ready

While this entire route doesn’t have any notable obstacles, it’s still important to ensure that your rig is ready for the trip. Bring it to the Dixie 4 Wheel auto shop in St. George and choose one of our vehicle build packages to keep your rig in top condition. You can choose to do this before or after your trip, or both times for good measure.

Tom’s Canyon, Kanab, Utah

St. George Jeepers Trail Ride
Diamond Valley to Baker Reservoir to Pinto
February 26, 2016
Submitted by Bud Sanders

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