Off Road Trail Spotlight: Cabin Canyon-Mesquite–Nevada Trails

If you’re looking for a scenic drive or a relaxed trail run that’s big on scenery then the Mesquite Nevada trails deliver. The trails in this part of the southwest provide a great alternative to the popular but crowded ones in Moab.

The best way to explore these trails is by getting a group of your friends together one weekend and heading out. You can also join our trail runs and tag along as we discover some lesser-known trails that are also steeped in the history of this area.

One such great Mesquite-Nevada trail to check out is the Cabin Canyon trail.

Trail Overview

The Cabin Canyon trail is a long trail that runs through the Virgin Mountain range just to the south of Mesquite. It starts from Lime Kiln Road in Mesquite then goes south almost to the Arizona border. Most of the trail is in good condition however, some sections have been washed out and are rocky. The challenging sections of the route are found up in the mountains but even these aren’t as bad as they used to be.

This trail was graded a few years ago and now a stock rig can handle it without any major issues. Before the grading, this trail had quite a few obstacles and boulders to navigate. Now the graded road just has a few bumpy sections that have water whenever there’s a heavy downpour or wet winter.

The Cabin Canyon trail offers outstanding vistas and views of the Mountains as well as the valley below, especially when the weather is sunny and clear. This trail also provides access to some primitive campsites, some hiking or horseback riding routes, some tiny springs, and access to an old campground.

While there may not be any major obstacles along the trail, the upper sections are quite rocky and narrow, so stay alert. There are still large boulders on the sides of the road, making for some tight corners. The last descent as you come to the end of the trail presents a chance for a little rock crawling before heading back. This trail is in a largely remote area so to avoid getting lost, download a map from our online store so you can carry it with you on any navigation app of your choice.

Get Your Rig Trail Ready

The Cabin Canyon trail can be handled in a stock 4WD but the rig still needs to be in good condition to make it there and back with few issues. To ensure it can handle the trail, bring it down to our auto shop in Moab or St. George for a good tune-up, service, and maintenance. 

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