Off Road Trail Spotlight: Bunkerville Choo Choo-Mesquite–Nevada Trails

When it comes to off-roading, there are a lot more trails to check out and explore other than the famous ones in Moab. If you have a little time on your hands and wish to learn more about this area of the country, feel free to join us on one of our trail runs. We guarantee you’ll not only have plenty of fun interacting with other off-roaders but you’ll also learn a bit of the area’s history.

Some of the fascinating trails to check out are the lesser-known trails that run from Mesquite to Nevada. These are less crowded than the ones in Moab and are designed for scenic drives.

Bunkerville Choo Choo Trail

The trail to the Bunkerville Choo Choo is big on scenery. This means you’ll have plenty of geographical features and scenery to admire and take photos of.

The trip starts on the eastern side of the Virgin River at Mesquite, Nevada. The trail is a well-maintained dirt road that leads through the Bundy Cattle Ranch. Some of the cattle at this ranch are almost wild so steer clear of them. The next stop on the way is the Budweiser Fence- a wire fence with plenty of Budweiser cans. This local landmark started as a fence meant to keep away cattle and is now adorned with Budweiser cans.

From there the trail heads past a little-known arch then on to the Great Eastern Mine which is now flooded then to the Key West Mine. This is a great spot to take a lunch break while checking out the scenery. Once done, the next stop on the trip is The Seeps – make sure you snap photos of the Knifeblade Fins as you drive past them. The Seeps is the only section of the trail that may present a challenge. However, with careful driving, the few minor obstacles can be easily navigated.

After The Seeps, you’ll come to Keyhole Rock where you just have to stop, make your way to the Keyhole and check out the awesome view of Mormon Mesa and Mesquite in the distance. Finally, the last stop on the trail is the famous Bunkerville Choo Choo. This is an old boiler that was once part of a train then used to store water for cattle. To get the exact coordinates of the choo choo, download a map of the area from our online store. Once done with the choo choo, it’s time to head back.

Keep Rig in Good Form

While this trail isn’t that challenging, your rig still needs to be in good form to avoid giving you trouble. Bring it on to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive auto shop and we’ll give it a good tune-up either before or after the trail run- or both. It will give you peace of mind to know that your rig is in good condition to handle whatever trail you throw at it.


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