Off Road Trail Spotlight: Bronco Falls – Hump N Bump Trails

The beauty of being part of an off-roading community is that you get to enjoy organized off-roading events. Other than the hugely popular Easter Jeep Safari organized by Red Rock 4 Wheelers and held in Moab, other similar events bring off-roading enthusiasts together.

One such event is the Hump N’ Bump. This is an annual 4X4 off-roading event put on by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers. Those participating get to try out different trails in the Logandale trail area as well as the Valley of Fire recreation area. This happens in Nevada.

If you’re keen on trying out some of these trails, join us on one of our Southern Utah trail rides. Alternatively, you can organize your own trail run with some experienced off-roaders. If you choose to do this, you can get downloadable map tracks in GPX format for your GPS tracking device from our online store.

Bronco Falls Off Roading Trail

Hump N’ Bump offers a buffet of different trails with varying difficulties. This makes it simpler for off-roaders to choose trails according to their experience and their vehicle build and equipment. These trails range from dirt roads guaranteeing a fun run to trails that will have you sweating as you try to pick the best line to follow while hanging precariously of some edge. Bronco Falls belongs to the latter category.

Bronco Falls is arguably the most difficult mapped trail in the Logandale Trail area. It is named after a notable obstacle – a huge vertical wall climb that off-roaders must navigate in their rock crawling adventure. The trail can be run as a loop or you can choose to only tackle the second half from the east side. Either way, you’re sure to run into plenty of obstacles along the trail to keep you busy from steps to rocks and waterfalls. There are also some off-camber sections as well as vertical v-cracks.

Bronco Falls should only be attempted in a modified rig equipped with both front and rear lockers, a winch, adequate ground clearance, and tires that are 35” and above. It’s also a good idea to go with someone who knows the trail well to show you where to place your tires to avoid toppling over and rolling your Jeep. Even then, you’re bound to have it tough trying to navigate the obstacles while keeping your Jeep stable. That is part of the fun.

Bronco Falls Trail Preparation

Hump N’ Bump is designed to be a family-friendly weekend affair with plenty of rock-crawling adventures for everyone. To make sure you get all the fun out of this event and to safely navigate Bronco Falls and other trails, your rig needs to be in great condition. Bring it over to the Dixie 4 Wheel Drive prior to your trip, choose one of our 4X4 vehicle build packages and we’ll have your ride ready for the trails in no time.

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