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Off Road Trail Spotlight: Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway Nevada - Hump N Bump Trails

Whenever we get tired of exploring the popular trails in Moab and the ones around St. George, we seek new thrills from nearby places. The Hump N’ Bump Trails in Nevada have never disappointed. We have gone trail riding there on numerous occasions and we always find something new to explore.

The Hump N’ Bump is a wild and crazy off-roading event that’s organized by the Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers Club, similar to the Easter Jeep Safari. The trails included in this event are rugged and scenic and have to be tackled at slow speeds, with more focus on skill.

Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway

If you’re ever in Las Vegas and you get a bit tired of the crowds and casinos, why not head out into the desert for a little exploration? Just 40 miles from Vegas, near Overton Nevada, is the Bitter Springs Backcountry Byway. This is a 28-mile trail that’s accessible all year round and is suitable for all skill levels, from novice to experienced off-roaders.

This trail runs between the Valley of Fire Road (Highway 169) and the North Shore Road in the Lake Mead Recreation Area. It takes you through the Muddy Mountains of Nevada and the desert scenery is guaranteed to have you snapping pictures throughout –that is if you’re not the driver. Thanks to this back road’s location, you can easily choose to head to either the Valley of Fire State Park or go check out the Lake Mead National Recreation Area as a side trip.

Along the back road, you’ll come across desert shrubs, wildflowers, and yellow and red sandstone formations in Buffington Pockets. The latter look just like those in the Valley of Fire and were an essential water collection point for the early frontiersmen. The trail itself is graded up until the rock quarry and beyond that, it gets more rugged with plenty of rocks and some deep, soft sand in places. This calls for a 4WD vehicle with high clearance to traverse the terrain. With a good vehicle, the trail takes 2 hours to complete.

Trail Preparation

Keep in mind that you’ll be traveling into the desert, so plan and prepare in advance for any eventuality. This is a remote area and you can download a trail map to help you find your way during your adventure. Also, ensure that you carry appropriate clothing, including sunscreen as well as adequate food and water. It’s also a good idea to have a first aid kit and appropriate tools, in case of an emergency and don’t forget to inform someone where you’ll be going.

Bring your ride to our auto store in St. George either before or after your adventure (or ideally both), and we’ll ensure that it’s in good working order. If you have any questions about customizing or modifying your ride, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be glad to sort you out.

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