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Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Antelope Canyon AZ - Kanab – North Rim Trails

This North Rim trail package provides the perfect environment to practice your off-roading skills and knowledge: carefully following the trail maps, packing the traveling necessities, and driving and enjoying the beautiful view from the eroded canyons and rivers. 

It is important to mark your Arizona visit with a visit to the rugged natural environment of the North Rim off-roading trails. You will be stunned by the scenic views of the trail and its standout canyon features. 

North Rim Trail Maps

Getting an off-roading trail file from us is a great way to explore the region. It is important to remember that each trail has its obstacles and should use specific rides suitable for the trail. You can also get various tour guides into the Antelope Canyon hike through the guided touring of the eroded canyon. 

Stay Equipped For Off Roading Rides

Ensure you inquire about every requirement and handling prerequisites of the vehicles before setting out on your journey. It will ensure you are well equipped to enjoy your road trip. You will need to prepare your trip by carrying evacuation and emergency equipment like traction mats, winch accessory kits, vehicle-powered tire inflators, and others that will help you in case you get stuck along the way.

Off-Roading Trail in the AZ Canyon

Various North rim trails are available for your choice depending on your preference, choice of thrill, and your expectations. A sneak peek of these trails will help you make more informed choices. 

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