Off-Road Trail Spotlight: Airmail Arrows Rock Art – St. George, Utah Trails

The climax of any vacation in Southern Utah has an off-road trail drive. The fun and entertainment you will get from these drives will create memorable moments in your Utah vacation. 

You need to understand the requirements or have an appropriate trail map for you to ace it. Checking out the terrain and possible destination will not cut it. It would be best to have experienced personnel who have a comprehensive understanding of the various trails, requirements, possible scenic spots, and the preparations to be made.

Airmail Arrows Rock Art Off-Roading Trails

There are various trails in St. Georges Utah area. Choosing the perfect trail for you might require more than verbal and visual descriptions. Whether you are looking to enjoy the scenic views in the cliffs, along the rivers, springs, or rivers, you are sure to find the perfect trail for you. Each trail has its challenges like shorter overhangs, steep climbs, notable obstacles, or rock ledges, making each trail unique and interesting. 

Airmail arrows trail is unique and well known for its subtle nature in the features and terrain. The name is coined from the visible arrow in Utah’s rugged terrain which was originally used as a guide for pilots in the aviation industry. Witnessing this rare piece of history in the eroded and rugged terrain in St. George Utah gives you a concrete reason to visit this off roading trail. The fulfilling bumpy ride in the Airmail arrow rock art is one you should not forego at all costs. 

Trail Maps

Once you choose a trail, you need to have a gpx trail map to guide you into the unknown. The frequent erosion due to climatic changes will always cause numerous geological changes. It is easy for you to lose your way and get lost on the trails without a map. 

Get a local trail map to get you going. Do your due diligence to ensure that you have the correct maps for your desired trail. 

Southern Utah Trail Rides

Utah trail rides will require specific rides suitable for the trails.It is expected that your regular vehicles will not manage the rocky and uneven terrain of the trails, thus the need to get one of these beasts. 

Besides hiring out these vehicles, you can also get builds that will benefit your ride. We have scheduled trail rides, which provides an opportunity for people to join in and have fun collectively with the local off roading community. Please remember to pack your traveling necessities lest you get stranded in Southern Utah.

Lime Kiln Canyon to Whitney Pockets

St. George Jeepers Trail Ride
Lime Kiln Canyon, Arizona to Whitney Pockets, Nevada
February 28, 2017
Submitted by Bud Sanders

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